Sunday, April 18, 2010

Th Golden Ticket

Weighed in this morning and I'm 105.  Last night I consumed copious amounts of alcohol, so I feel off kilter today. Sondra's party was my last hurrah! until May 20th. I think not drinking for 30 days will be hardest of the challenge. Thank god I have back up vices to rely upon.

Last week Tuesday I get CC'd on an email from Celia to the Trade Representative of the Philippine Consulate General saying that she would be sending me to give a presentation on our products. Of course, I'm nervous and anxious about speaking in front of a group of very important Filipinos in California. Arriving the morning of the meeting titled Kapehan sa LA, I come to find out that there are many media reps from several Asian/Filipino newspapers and magazine covering the event. So my anxiety rose, being that my presentation will be covered and published in highly circulated papers within the Asian community.

And sort of like when I do a WOD, during my speech my mind went blank and I spoke, and spoke, and spoke... for about 30 mins. I actually didn't think I had that much to say. I felt that I was passionate, spoke with conviction and sincerity. Afterwards, I was approached by several people, including the President of the Rotary Club International and the Consul-General herself, complementing me on my presentation. I was also invited to be a key speaker at future Fil-Am Business Association events. It was very flattering.

Our intention is exposure, to create a buzz and hopefully attract potential investors to infuse capital into the company. We're at a standstill in regards to developing more products to introduce into the marketplace.

We're going to full speed in the next 2 months; there are so many events that we're exhibiting in or presenting in that every weekend is pretty much spoken for until July. Except Memorial Day weekend--- I'm off to Boston to see Tara tie the knot.

I'm really excited to see Tara, it's been over 6 years. It's quite a feat to stay in "touch" with someone in our heavy stimuli world. And to top it all off, I'll be sharing a hotel room with Reagan. I haven't seen her in about 5 years, as well. Tara, Reagan and Lolo back together again--- watch out Boston, you're in trouble.

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