Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Old habits die hard


Five rounds for max reps of:

Body weight bench press


I did that bitch Lynne bareback last April; read nothing about it here.  Just kidding. Lynne is not a bitch and I didn't do anything to her bareback or otherwise. I actually like this WOD. I feel I've acquired a lot more upper body strength since April. I remember that at the time, I was working on a strict pull as a goal, so I was not kipping last April (with a band, mind you). I did move up to 50# and I did way more reps on average this time around. 
Much happy with marked improvement. 

BTW, I think 14 pull ups is the most I've ever done consecutively. Yay! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

I need to get back to Love

For time:

800 meter sprint ROW

Rest precisely 3 minutes, then perform 3 rounds of:

7 Front Squats 155lbs 65lbs (from the ground)

14 oh walking lunges with 45lb 15lb plate

7 burpees

I arrived to the box and thought to jog a mile to warm up. I didn't stop once. I'm happy about that. I kept an easy pace. Afterwards I got this crazy headache, like a migraine that made my head just throb painfully. I was on the fence about even doing the WOD, but was convinced by C-Rose. I knew I didn't want to run, so I rowed. I didn't really warm up my front squat, so the 65#s was a shot in the dark. It was definitely difficult. I hurriedly grabbed a 15# plate for my walking lunges when I should have grabbed 25#. 

Either way, this WOD sucked more than I could have anticipated. I went hard on the row, and kept a 2:30 pace; I haven't rowed in 2 months. It gassed me. 

After the break, I realized 4 reps into the FS that  65#s was too advantages(sp?) for myself whom has not done multiple rep front squats in a WOD in a really long time. I did do the 1x5 FS WOD last week, but 65#s was my max weight. I hope I didn't fuck my back up; I wasn't hurting during the WOD. I'll find out tonight when I sleep if my back/hip are jacked. 

I no longer have the attention span to finish this blog entry. 

I must go and get centered. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

You have no idea how happy I am that a.) that I am no longer suffering in pain with my back b.) that I am able to do heavy lifts c.) that I set a new split jerk PR!!

Here is a comment I left on the PCF blog over a year and half ago:

March 31, 2010, 2:33 pm - Sweet Assassin
15-20-25-30-35-40 (x2)
I liked the Split-jerk, now I've just got to build up to some heavy weight :)

And here is my blog entry for that March 31, 2010. 
I'm pretty close to my body weight. I know that BW split jerk isn't that big of a deal; it's not a huge marker for strength. I think 1.5x body weigh for split jerk might be something to be marveled at. Either way, super happy with the new PR. I did 80# twice cause on my first rep I didn't feel solid in my landing, and struggled with getting control of the bar. Joe D. noticed that when i dipped, my torso came forward so I didn't drive the bar in a straight line. While the rep counted, I wanted to do it again.
On my second attempt, I resolved to drive my elbows up while racked so that I wouldn't be pulled forward when I dipped. And it worked. I dipped and pushed myself under the bar and the lift felt easy, not heavy at all. 
I really wanted to set a new personal record tonight. I was nervous at the thought of 85#s over my head. Sometimes I think about Arbel failing at a split jerk lift, dumping and breaking his foot in half. Ya, awesome. All I kept replaying in my head was Diso saying Technique! Technique! Technique! That technique is the key to a successful lift for small people, that what you lack in strength will only be amplified in lack of technique. Racking the bar on my shoulders, it felt heavy, even though it was only 5#s more. I took a deep breath and went for it. Success! 

I'm back in the lifting game. I still have hopes to compete. The sub 47kg weight class.... I got to build my strength back. I may have to 


Five rounds for time of:

35 Double-unders

Run 200 meters

I came in dreading this WOD but afterwards I realized I loved/hated it. At 3-2-1 Go! I had this knot in my tummy anticipating that this was going to suck. The 10 minutes went by pretty fast. I don't really remember rounds 2 or 3. I do remember coming back from my 4th run and saw Martina on the ground resting. She gave me this look like, Finish this shit up, and I shot her my index finger saying I only had 1 more round left. 

My last set of DUs were spotty. I messed up 4 times to rep 8, until I finally got in a rhythm and finished out the remaining 27 reps in one fell swoop. Started on my run and was going as fast as I could, which wasn't fast. I just knew that I was almost done (and the finish line sounded like paradise) so I kept a nice steady pace; shit, it was fastest sprint I could muster with what gas I had left in the tank.

I collapsed on the concrete and felt my tummy convulsing, making me burp continuously. Dry heaving, a good sign that I pushed myself. 

This WOD was the cherry on top to a fun and grueling week of WODs. 


Every Minute on the minute for 10 minutes:

Perform 2 Good Mornings, adjust weight as needed

Rest, then perform

For time:

200 Box Jumps, 24"/20"

If you take a break of any kind, please enjoy 25 sit ups

I had set this goal of under 16 mins. I was super pleased to have done in over a minute less than the goal I had set. My ass and calves are still burning from this one. The standard was the use of bounding so that you use the bouncing momentum to continuously bouncing off the ground on top of the box. I sound like a retard explaining it. Here is how I broke up the work:


For a a grand total of 150 sit ups. My abs are sore as well. 

The good mornings fucked my hamstring ups good. Not in a bad way, but Im just really really sore. I sound destroyed don't I?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pongase en cucillas

Overhead squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps

Front squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps

Back squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps

Try to increase the load on each of the fifteen sets.

Cool down:

3 Rounds:

5 Forward rolls

Balance on one leg for as long as possible.

After Monday's WOD of Fran, I went to sleep that knowing that my my body would tell me that night if my back is unhappy about the thrusters I did. I awoke Tuesday morning with no discomfort. I did have the expected soreness in both hips. 

Pleased, I decided that I would attempt this squat heavy WOD. I kept it light, never really went to my previous max loads before my injury. It felt good. 

Now it's Wednesday, and my hip and back feel good. Sore, again normal, but no tweaky feeling. 

I'm glad to be back on  the barbell.

I still love love love overhead squats and back squats :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Fran torta!

Run 400 meters

"Fran" 21-15-9 

Thrusters (35#) 

Pull ups

Run 400 meters

So much swimming in my head. I've had such an emotional day. I have chosen not to share what was the culminating point of the day where I lost my shit and just couldn't stop crying... but it could have been worse is all I have to keep telling myself. 

I got to the gym a hot mess. My mind was racing and I couldn't focus. Working out was not fathomable. I forced myself to warm up. Squat cleans were part of the warm up, and in the past 2 months I would have just ignored it, I decided to grab a bar and try my hand at some light squat cleans. I only went up to 35#s. I used this bar for my thrusters as well. 

The 1st 400m run was "fast." I really sucked at thrusters. Probably cause I haven't done any bar work using my hip flexor in so long. My pull ups felt great. I was doing them in sets of 7 and 5, so Yay! 

The last run was just plan sadness. But I didn't stop jogging, and by jogging I mean shuffling my feet at a very slow pace. I probably could have walked faster. I was trying to keep up chest up and shoulders back and relaxed... Pick up the heel, pick up the heel. 

At the end, I'm glad for the WOD cause it took my mind off of the horrible thing that happened to me today. 

On my way to LAXCF I burst out in tears again. How will i ever get over this? 

It's almost midnight and no signs of back pain associated with the movements I did today. I think I'm going to slowly transition back into lifting again but really light and low reps. I don't want to sabotage the improvement I've made. And BTW, I just can't afford to do A.R.T. two times a week. So I stopped. Even though I would love to continue, cause I can feel that my damaged tissue isn't as widespread as it was when I first started the treatment. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fly Robin Fly! Up, up to the sky!

My decision to try my hand at Flight Simulator once again was completely random. This was at LAXCF, after the kids had finished their WOD. Last time I attempted FS, I only got to 35. So this is a PR! Heeeeyooo!

My body is sooo wrecked and tired. I'm probably going to take the day off tomorrow. Actually, I'm probably lying to you. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I hurt everywhere

I can barely type this. I'm exhausted, my arms are almost inoperable, and my right hand is bandaged up.
I'm super proud of myself for finishing. I really am. During the 30 round I was confronted with a "I can't." I started to cut a deal in my head saying that I would do half of the pull ups in round 20 and 10. I was starting to feel hopeless computing how many pull ups I had left at that moment (46 total left). I had to shake myself out of it, and not think of the astronomical number, but only worry about the 4 or 5 I could muster at that moment. I chipped away at it.

Ya, it was the pull ups that completely humbled me. The DUs were "rest." The Push ups were not great, I did go to failure every 5 push ups, but they weren't as devastating to my body as the pull ups. I think it's the use of my entire body when I kip that makes it soooo brutal. It almost makes me want to puke.

During the last 2 pull ups of the 20 round, I had Francisco right there cheering me on (cause I was a sad, whiney bitch at this point), I had to use a lot of force to kip. But I did it. Then I looked down at my right hand, and saw a pretty decent size flap of skin sticky straight up. Underneath that, bloody, raw flesh. Let's just say that the last 10 pull ups were a test to my pain threshold. I did them 1 at a time.

Let's take a look, shall we? 

Overall, my hands are pretty raw and tender. Typing hurts. As well, as my forearms feel really swoll. 

I'm going to sleep like a fuckin' bear hibernating in the winter. I suspect running drills in my near future since my upper body will not be in working order. 


Lower the Reps:

10 Muscle-ups or progressions

15 Lowers from an inverted hang on the rings, slowly

20 Handstand push-ups or progressions

25 Ring rows

30 Ring push-ups or push ups or combination

So completely maddening (but still good): I really struggled with the MU progression and being able to keep my false grip. I was using a 1" thick band, as I need the resistance. I ended up "giving up." I then went to LAXCF and was showing Michelle this progression using a thinner band. Lo and behold I was able to bang out 5 muscle up progressions, with a solid false grip. I was completely strong enough to do it with a thinner band. This has been story with all my little goals, where I can't at PCF and then I go to LAXCF and I'm doing all these crazy things: strict pull up, C&J PR, butterfly kip.... and the list goes on. 

I'm grateful still, no matter where I do it. 

So I ran a mile to find my base line, as it is on the goal board that I want a sub 10 min mile. I have another 30 seconds to go I guess. I'm quite happy to learn that I can jog a mile without stopping. Yay me!

The skins leggings came in the mail the other day. I wore them yesterday. I'll probably wear them on more met-con days than skills days like this one. All I do know is that they make my ass look like it belongs on a 19 year old. It looks phenomenal. I would wear my skins everyday just to have my ass lifted and separated on the daily. Granted the millions of squats I've done is part of that, but since the leggings have compression in the thighs, it really makes your ass more... bulbous? LMAO.

Ok, off to work. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

I need to honor myself first

Weighted Pull ups 3-3-3-3-3

Happy. I didn't have a goal or an expectation. Just happy that I put some numbers on the board. 

I still gloriously in love with Crossfit. I hope this love affair never ends.