Thursday, June 30, 2011

Note worthy

There is absolutely no more cottage cheese on my ass and thighs. Even when I squeeze my nalga flesh together.


Striking out on my own

WOD – for time:
  • run 800m
  • 200 double unders
  • run 800m
My time- ~18:10

I found this WOD by simply typing in run + double unders into Google search. This was the first return. The Main site WOD was 5x3 Deadlifts, and I've "vowed" to stay away from heavy lifting until 1.) my hip/back heals 2.) I get my food intake figured out, so that I can 3.) Get back to old strength levels. 

My time is an approximate. I didn't push start on the Stop Watch, so when I returned from my 800m, I started the clock :( My first run, I didn't stop and my pace was good. So I approximated a 5:20 800m. The Double Unders were tough. The problem is that when my rope stops, I get upset and I get in my head. It's all fuckin' mental, like all WODs. It took 6:57 to complete all 200 DUs, which seems really long to me. I went on my second 800m and I knew right away that my pace was considerably slower. I took this moment to concentrate on my breathing. I had just read the breathing series on the CF Southbay blog. Here is an excerpt that I tried to apply to my last 800m run:

Running is one of the few things that allows you to operate almost entirely in the aerobic domain while still going hard.  However, if your breathing isn’t correct, you will quickly transition into anaerobic (non-oxygen using) systems, start to build up lactic acid (what causes that burning feeling), and have to slow down.  One of the best ways to avoid going anaerobic too soon is to make sure you are breathing enough.  While there are lots of suggested breathing techniques out there, the simplest follow your feet.  3-2 works for me (breathe in for 3 steps, and out for 2 steps), although 3-3 and 2-2 also work.  You will know you have gone into a sprint mode (anaerobic, not sustainable, only a short period of time) when your breathing changes to a 2-1 count.  So, by trying to maintain a 3-2 (or 3-3 or 2-2) breathing scheme when you run, you will be able to run harder, longer, and faster while needing as little recovery as possible.

I was really gassed from the DUs going into my run, so I knew I had to get my breathing in line if I was going to make sure that I don't stop to walk at all... I was too tired to get my head in order to count my steps, but I knew I had to slow and deepen my breath, which is what I did. It totally helped. Also, it helped my panicky feeling that I get when I'm running tired. 

Getting back to the box, the clock read 12:50, which means my last 800 took 5:50 seconds. made sense for the pace I was keeping. I was cooked. I liked it. 

It's encouraging to know that I have improved my endurance. The half Marathon is in my sights for January. 


"Filthy Fifty"

For time:

50 Box jump, 20 inch box

50 Jumping pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings, 3/4 Pood

Walking Lunge, 50 steps

50 Knees to elbows

50 Push press, 35 pounds

50 Back extensions

50 Wall ball shots, 6 pound ball

50 Burpees

50 Double unders

Over an 8 Minute New Personal Record! This WOD just feels like it goes on forever. I did Filth Fifty on December 10, 2010 all by myself in the mid-afternoon.  I remember during the breaks feeling really hopeless that day, with no one to urge me to "keep going!" or "you're doing great!"

This time around I was immersed in this amazing CROSSFIT energy. There had to have been about 25 ppl in 3 different heats all chipping away at this beast of a WOD. 

My thoughts during the movements-
Box Jump- Slow and steady. By rep 30, my legs were feeling it and I had lost that "spring" in my jump. I had to use my entire upper body to get myself up on the box.
Jumping PUs- deceivingly tiring. Broke up them up in sets of 10. 
Kettlebell Swings- This had to be my strongest set. Broke them up into sets of 10, but all ny reps were really strong and I've adjusted to that more efficient swing that I see Gretchen use and saw for the first time when Christy Phillips came into the box and did Jack. While I'm still using the full hip explosion, the swing of the KB is actually shorter and more vertical. It felt good and is faster. 
Walking Lunge- kinda like break
K2E- Difficult. Had to do them in sets of 5. This took the longest, it seemed (may have tied with Burpees)
Push Press-  I felt good with these. I had initially decided to break them up in to sets of 10, but I had enough energy to power through do 12-15 each time I picked up the bar. I made up a lot of time here that I lost during my slow run with the K2E. 
Back Extension- I'm fortunate to have BE "kip" or whatever you call it, and was able to link them together in one fluid motion. I'm sure it uses more energy, but it definitely gets the job done quicker. 
Wall Ball- Soooooo, I'm not sure why, but I did my first set of 10 as 2 for 1's. And for a second I could not do a regular wall ball until like #19. Then I got into a groove. And was doing like 12 at a time. It was great. It was during this movement that I started to feel pukie. 
Burpees- Oh shit. Wretched. Horrible. Death. What else can I say? I felt soooooo slow. One at a time felt like forever. I was burping up a storm, the acidic burn started in my tummy and up my chest. Every time I through my body on the ground my arms were like jello trying to push my body up. I'm not really sure how I got through it. But if definitely helped to hear all the other folks whom already finished (I was last in my heat) cheering me on to just keep moving. And that's what I did. I just kept moving, albeit, slow, but moving. 
DUs- My first 7 DUs were tough. Then I was able to get about 25 in a row... With about 10 left, I was completely brow beaten and feeling pukie, Diso yelled for me to finish it up and I got my last 10 straight, which was a relief. 

I collapsed on the floor, not knowing what my finish time was. I wanted to know bad, see if I had improved, but my body was not going anywhere. I would stay planted on the ground for the next 15 mins. 

When I did find out my time, I was really pleased. I mean 8 minute improvement is nothing to balk at... but I'm already setting a goal for when FF comes around again... I want to be sub-35mins. 

This WOD truly wrecked me. I feel soooo tight and sore today. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've been reading the PCF blog since day 1. I'm at March 2010 and I found this comment:

March 31, 2010, 2:33 pm - Sweet Assassin15-20-25-30-35-40 (x2) I liked the Split-jerk, now I've just got to build up to some heavy weight :)

I currently split jerk 80#s. This crossfit shit really works.

It's affecting my sleep

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

7 Handstand Push ups (on the box)

12 L-Pull ups (with 1" band)

This is just the kind of WOD that I need. I'm hoping to stay away from heavy movements and focus on gymnastics and met-cons... allow my hip flexor rest and heal fully. 

This was not a burner. It was slow and deliberate. By round 3 I could barely do a HSPU, just absolutely no energy in the upper body. 

Tomorrow is filthy 50.  I think I can do it RX'd, except for the Wall ball. We'll see. 

I can't sleep. I am tired as hell, but when I close my eyes all I can do is play out in my mind the same scene over and over. I can't shut the thoughts off. Ugh. Psychosomatic symptoms of what I know needs to be done. 

What an immensely busy week. 

Monday, June 27, 2011


8 rounds 180m/60sec Rest

On this rest day, G left it up to us to pick a "goat," something you know needs attention and work. Of course, if you've been following my blog or even been in my presence at the box you know that I hate running. Running is my goat, and monkey on my back. So, with Zeb's approval, I decided to do interval runs with short break (vs. a long distance run; I was considering a 5K.). 

Round 5 I felt gross. 6 & 7 I felt ok. Last round I was just trying to finish. My pose running def needs more work and attention. I really should do interval runs once a week. Give it attention like I did DUs and my strict pull up...

I also did some ring dip work. I'm going to get ring dips! Then come the muscle ups!!!! Mwuhahahahaha!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm going to stop asking

21-15-9 reps for time:

Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35#) 15# for me

Burpee Pull-ups

Lung burner. Pukie. Good god. This is like Fran on 'roids. Thrusters obviously suck balls, but then you add the Dumbbell element where you need soooo much core strength to stabilize and control the dumbbells. My left side is definitely my weaker side.

So WOD recap: Started out by doing 11 Thrusters then threw my DBs on the ground. The last 10 were wretched. The 21 burpee pull ups, while the plus side of them are that you can pace them slow, they completely zapped my energy. I had to kip so hard to get a legit pull up. Set 15 was the WORST! It was at this point I started to feel the burn in my stomach and chest up to my throat... I felt soooooo slow on the thrusters. I had to break up the 15 reps into sets of 5. Zeb had to remind me to breath; ya, I was pretty much holding my breath the entire I was thrusting, probably not a good idea. I realize I have to learn how to stabilize my core and not hold my breath while doing so. The 15 burpee PUs were kind of a blur. 
I was soooooo gassed at the start at the 9 set that it got me angry enough and motivated to just end this shit. Took 4 big ass breaths and just fuckin' hammered out the 9 thrusters with my eyes closed. 

The last 9 burpee PUs were fuckin' brutal. I had Zeb and Coach Zen countin' me down and cheerin' me on. I really wanted to take a break, but I kept moving, albeit slowly, but I was moving. I did 4. Then 2. Then the last 3 Zeb announced to the box I was on my last 3 and all I could hear was a cacophony of "Assassin this!" and "Assassin that!" and all I wanted to do was to puke. I made sure that the last 3 pull ups perfect, with chin well above the bar. Again I had to kip sooo violently since my arms were just fuckin' dead. 

I collapsed on the floor and did not move for about 15 mins. I was completely wrecked and useless. My body was a big throbbing heart beat. I had that post wod euphoria for about an hour and thirty minutes. 

I love that feeling. 

PS- I tore on my right hand. 

I relinquish control

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Oy, so much to say. I was definitely hard on myself last night for not at least getting to my prior 3RM. Well, actually I don't have a 3RM DL, but I do have a 5RM DL of 175#.

It's the realization that I have lost a measurable amount of strength since I started the Whole30 AND stopping the Post WOD shake. Those are the 2 big changes that have happened since April, where I was setting PRs left and right. Then it just stopped. 2 weeks ago I could barely eeek out a 105# backsquat.  I have isolated that while I'm eating a better composition of foods, I'm definitely not eating enough calories to maintain the extremely active lifestyle I'm living. I train 5 days a week, I coach 4 days a week, not to mention the random yoga, gymnastic, dancing into the wee morning hours activities that I do randomly, yet, regular basis. 

I plan to attend Crossfit 201 this week and get my head straight about what my food regiment should be. 
I know I don't eat enough. I usually have a 3 egg scramble with veggies and a piece of fruit... LUnch could vary... sometimes I skip and just have a small snack. Dinner after I get home, usually after 9pm, is a meat and veggie stir fry, and of recent I usually eat half an avocado with any meal I have at home--- never when I eat out. 

I need to reassess my goals, then devise a plan. All I know is that, why I love the gains I've made by eating clean (strict pull up, sub 10min Annie, PR on Fran, feeling good during met-cons, weight loss...) I'm kinda psyched out about loosing strength. I think I finally have to admit that I really need to be eating like an athlete. I would just never think me an athlete. 

So I got back Post WOD shake as of last night. Eddie also thinks that I probably lost strength because I wasn't recovering fully. When I removed the shake from my regiment, I never replaced that protein nor all the nutritional elements that came in the shake with anything... As in, I would do the WOD, and not eat anything. Obviously, my body was depleted and I never replaced the fuel I burned, and my muscles were tore up and since they were not being replenished they probably didn't recover and possibly this is where the atrophy or loss of mass could have taken place. 

So, while I've enjoyed leaning out and the aesthetic of seeing muscle definition, it not worth loosing mass or strength. 

Ahhh, what a long post.

Oh, and I used my new Oly Shoes for the first time with this wod. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:

2 Muscle-ups (I was seated on the floor with 1" band)

4 Handstand Push-ups (I did the tri-pod on the 20" box)

8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings (I did 1 pood)

Hard to see: 8 rounds + 1 seated Muscle up. 

Nate was really taxing. The 20 minutes felt like it went by very quickly. While I enjoyed the struggle of doing the seated MU, it was very tiring-- this part of the triplet is what zapped me. The HSPU on the box was difficult just cause my arms were just killed from the MU. The KB swings I did straight through... Quite proud that I pulled off 1 Pood. Not going back to 3/4 Pood :) [Stop the presses! I just read in 2 blog entries I wrote in September that I have used 1 pood before--- damn, when did I go back to 3/4 pood? What's wrong with me?]

Overall, I was able to work on my MU transition; I've learned how explosive you have to be during the transition, really popping my head threw, throwing my body forward while pulling up. Then once in that bottom ring dip position, it was now the job of my arms to get me to that full support at the top of the rings, with full extension. And that is where I struggle, the arm strength to do the ring dip. My primary goal on the whiteboard goal list is "Bandless ring dip." So that is what my focus is on... I'm going to give it the same exact attention I gave to my goal of getting DUs. 

It feels like Thursday but it's only Tuesday. *sigh* I guess I just can't wait for it to be the weekend. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Healing and revealing

Three rounds for time of:

50 Double unders

25 Wall ball "2-fer-1s", 20 pound ball

Wowsers this had me in a vice grip. I did this WOD way scaled back last August. I really happy with my time. I did look at the average times on the board throughout the day, and they were mostly in the high teens, so ya I'm happy. 

This was the first WOD where i used my NEW ultra speed cable jump rope that I got shipped on my birthday! I still am not use to the rope. It definitely turns faster so my jumping cadence has to adjust, and also I feel like the handles (with screws) weighs more than the other rope I was using. My wrists also can tell that one handle weighs more than the other, and it definitely has to adjust in turning the rope. 

The 2fer's were really taxing. The first 2 rounds I broke up the 25 in sets of 5 reps. In the third round, I was soooo gassed that I had to do them in sets of 2 each. Kareem and I were pretty much pacing the same the entire time, except that I would get my DUs done about a minute advance... but he would make up ground in the 2fer's. So last round, I finish the DUs, and manage to get eight 2fer's by the time Kareem finishes the last of his DU. He makes up ground so quickly that I call time only 10 seconds before him. 

I didn't feel like I had to puke my afterwards, but lungs were really burning. I had that heady, euphoric feeling for quite some time... Probably more than an hour. I'm glad I ate clean today. I plan to all week. Sunday I felt like lethargic shit. I only ate 1 meal on both Sat and Sun and they were not nutritious. 

Glad to be back in the box. I feel fresh. I really needed that rest. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Fran!


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:

95 pound Thruster


The last time I did Fran was in January at LAX Crossfit. It was the first time I did her with bandless kipping pull ups. Yesterday I set a new personal record, beating my old time my 1:13. I'm happy. 

I did the first set of 21 thrusters straight through, which really really really gassed me. Diso gave me some really helpful pointers on thrusters before the clock started and I felt it helped a lot in my technique and efficiency. 

After collapsing on the floor, I had an involuntary upchuck gag. Nothing came up, but it's still no fun to dry heave. 

Now I'm going to gift my body a present of REST. I will not do any work until Monday. Time to party :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rectus femoris

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

For those that have a current 3 rep max, you will choose a weight and attempt to maintain through all 5 sets.  For those that do not have a current 3 rep max, you can take as many sets as you would like to find that weight.

My hip flexor is irritated again. I think it was from the front squats + box jumps from Saturday. I was very mindful to really warm up my hips before attempting any back squats. But the minute I racked the bar on my upper back and stood up (not even squatting!!! just taking it out of the rack!) I could feel the little shot of electricity in my hip into my lower back.

105 is light weight for me, but all 4 sets of 3 were very difficult for me. My 1RM is 130# and I know I've been getting stronger since.

I kinda regret doing the strength-bias. Those 4 weeks of heavy heavy heavy really fucked me up. I've never really "recovered." It's almost like I've been losing strength.

I may consider just doing body weight met-cons and stay away from heavy days for awhile. I'm going to confer with Zeb and Diso about it.

Injury makes me sad. There is a constant dull ache in my lower back and left hip. I should go ice again.


Details of the Unicorns

  • Partner: Jamie Gilbert
  • Slept 5 hours
  • Ate nothing for breakfast
  • Consumed copious amounts of alcohol in the form of vodka and scotch just hours prior 
  • 6 McNuggets "fell" in my mouth at 2AM

I'm surprised I didn't puke or faint during the WOD, as the odds were against me. 

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ringling College Commencement Address

Here is a portion of Ringling College Commencement Address given on May 6, 2011:

Speaking of habits: take care of your body. Your physical condition affects your mental and psychological state in profound ways. Wherever you end up, run a Google map search for CrossFit and check it out. CrossFit is a way of organizing compressed, high-intensity workouts that make you incredibly strong in less than 30 minutes a day. More importantly, doing CrossFit makes you psychologically capable of tackling things that are challenging and out of your comfort zone, with a kind of psycho glee. CrossFit gyms tend to attract an interesting assortment of characters, who, in addition to spurring you on to mind-blotting sequences of box-jumps, pull-ups and, will be different from the people you work with. And it’s important to socialize with different groups of people, especially if the little girls among them can clean your clock. Also, CrossFitters love to make fun of themselves using XtraNormal animation, and posting those videos online. It’s a good sign when people take their pursuits seriously, but themselves, not so much.

This is exactly what I was trying to express on when I wrote CROSSFIT IS IT.  The best line has to be "Crossfit makes you psychologically capable of tackling things that are challenging and out of your comfort zone." 

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Stop jerkin' me around

Push Jerk 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps 

60 seconds rest between each set

My first 5 sets were @ 55#s, the last 5 sets @ 65#s. I still have trouble between jerking and pressing. It seems that I don't push my body under the bar, but jump and press (push press). I think I just have to keep practicing the movement. I should have warmed up my shoulders and wrists more; they were both killing me towards the end. The weight was fine/do-able. I could have probably done 70#s. Oh well.

I came to the box knowing that I wanted to do a short met-con WOD since I did not workout yesterday (and I've been eating like crap with my boss :)... So Diso suggested I do half Helen: 3 rounds of 200m run, 11 KB Swings and 6 pull ups. 

I don't think I'm really happy with my time. It's soo the runs that I'm weakest at. The KB swings I did all 11 straight without breaks all 3 rounds. And the Pull ups took less than a minute all 3 sets of 6. Soooo that means that It's taking me a between 1:40-2mins to run 200 meters. That's kinda sad. 

KB was 3/4 pood= 26.5#s. 

The workout itself was great; got my heart beat up, sweat dripping down my cleavage, and my breathing all heavy... Kinda like sex.

Well not really.... there is nothing like sex. 

Just making sure you guys are alive out there :)

You know what I like about your snatch?

Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Towards the end I was finally feeling that good solid receiving position at the bottom of the squat. The set of 50s were done multiple times because I was receiving the half way into the squat, not at the bottom. So I made the point to get FASTER! and COMMIT. It's all a mind game. I know I can overhead squat a lot more, but the snatch balance is such a vulnerable position... YOu really have to be confident, not just capable or strong. 

I'm happy. I hope to get up to 70#s soon. 

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Regional Workout 6

For time:

Row 20 calories

30 Burpees

45 pound Two-arm dumbbell ground-to-overhead, 40 reps

50 Toes to bar

100 foot Walking lunge with 45lb plate held overhead

150 foot Sprint

I figured the DB work and the K2B were going to kill me. I was right. 

I'm glad I made it to the box. I pretty much slept the weekend away. I took a nap at 3pmish and awoke around 6:15pm. I thought it was 6:15 in the morning. Whoops. I immediately through on my gym clothes and head out the door, not even washing the sleep out of my mouth. 

I finished the row and burpees at 5:30. The DB G2OH I broke up in sets of 5. I chose to do Power Snatch. I probably could have gone heavier. The T2B only lasted until about rep 15; from there I switched to K2E, but would intermittently do T2B if I could kip my body hard enough. This set took my the longest... Maybe 8 mins or so. Getting to the lunges, holding the plate over my head was difficult cause my shoulders were killed from the DB Snatches and the K2B. I took more breaks on the lunges than I wanted. Plus the measurement of 100 ft was NOT CORRECT. I remeasured the distance for the guys heats after me and I definitely did a 125 ft of lunges. Whatevers, more work is good. 

I'm happy with my time. My hand are pretty busted. No blood, but my hands are pretty rough. 

Saturday, June 04, 2011

I am a different person


4 Rds for time of:

10 Wall Balls

Run 100 meters with Med Ball

10 Med Ball Cleans

Run 100 meters with Med Ball

10 Med Ball Jump Overs, over and back is one repetition

Day 5 of WOD'ing. Body has been sore all week. Pushed to its limits. I just couldn't fathom taking a day off. Shit, I'm considering doing the monster of a WOD tomorrow morning... 


I want to get to the meat of my thoughts. After doing this grueling quadruplet I followed through with my plan to go to yoga taught by my lovely Mary Beth. In the midst of the class, feeling the long, taught sinews of my limbs, stretching and contracting with my breath, feeling challenged by the limitations of my body, I realized that I hardly recognized myself anymore. The core of me is very much still me, but what I'm doing with my life and how I approach life's journey is completely different. I always think back to the year prior to me finding crossfit. Not my physical body, but the person inside. I was a pessimist. I relied on fate, and if the outcome wasn't to my liking I blamed fate, not my own actions (or inactions) for it. I had a few chips on my shoulder. I really believed I could find happiness in a bottle (wine-, beer-, pill...). Breaking a sweat was NOT an option. I was afraid to leave my comfort zone; it caused me anxiety--- so I took a pill for that. I worried about shit I had no control over, and I loss sleep- so I took a pill for that. I would take things personally--- so I ate EVERYTHING for that. A bad day usually meant that I would drive 40 miles out my way to indulge in something, while decadent, was completely unhealthy. Then I wondered why I had acid reflux (I took a pill for that) and had inflamed skin (I applied a cream for that). Feeling sorry for myself, I would buy myself a new gadget to make myself feel better temporarily... Until that next person pisses me off and the cycle of indulgence and pity starts all over again. I was a miserable fuck. 

Ya, that's not me at all TODAY. I don't ever want to be that person ever again. I don't think I can be. I mean, I definitely am still a emotional eater, but all the other shit... I've reprogrammed myself. I don't know how to explain how or why doing crossfit changes your brain... You learn to negotiate challenges in your mind in a way that the outcome is what you desire. It's impossible to be a victim anymore. It's empowerment. Just from a doing workouts that seem impossible. I can barely put into words the changes in my brain chemistry, all I know is that I like it. 

Friday, June 03, 2011


"Death By 10 Meters"

Run 10 meters the first minute, 20 meters the second minute and 30 meters the third.  Continue to run an additional 10 meters until you can no longer finish the prescribed number of meters within the minute. Score is complete rounds and meters run in last round.

Wowsers! I just checked the last time I did this WOD in March and I PR'd by over 3 rounds, which comes out to 460 meters! I'm happy for the new PR. Yayayayayaya! Oh, by round 8-9 I had already broken form. And I realized that I should have done some pose drills before I started the WOD. Next time, for sure. 

I ended up sticking around the box and cheering on the On-ramp class. When 13 showed up for the 8:30 and I felt inspired to do another WOD. 

2011 CrossFit Games Regional Workout 3

21-15-9 reps for time of:

315 85 lb Deadlift

30" 20" Box Jump

I really pushed myself on this. I went light on the DL cause I def wanted to keep intensity up and I was trying to be mindful of my hip. When I called time, I had that post WOD body-heartbeat-glow that I haven't felt in a while cause all the WODs I've been doing for the past week have all been 40+ mins, endurance workouts that haven't pushed me to that edge... But today made up for that. I had expressed wanting to do some sub 10mins WODs to Smidty earlier this week. 

Now I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight :)

PS- I can still do strict pull ups :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps


I've never done 1RM for Power Clean, so this is my baseline, but I do not for sure that I've never clean a bar over 80#, power nor squat, so I'd say that 85#s is a PR. My attempts at 90 where I failed I think is due to me being tired, not cause I'm not strong or fast enough to successfully complete the lift. So 90 is completely in my sights. 

Went LAXCF and continue practicing cleans. Dan wanted to record me to doing it and here it is:

I initially was doing power cleans, but I think as I get into the higher weights I need to do it as a squat clean. This was 83#s. I like it. I'm sure I could drop under the bar faster, but I'm happy over all. I felt my explosion in my jump shrug was powerful and I'm getting the bar pretty high, it's just swing my elbows around and dropping into that squat. 

I really want to record myself more so I can work on tweaking my technique. 

Soooooo tired. My body is super sore and probably is dying for sleep so it can heal.