Friday, April 29, 2011

Still in the HATE phase

Zeb somehow jedi mind tricked me into attending TRACK NIGHT at Santa Monica College, coached by Frank.

At 3PM in the afternoon, I text Zeb that I would be taking a rest day and wouldn't be able to make it. But for some reason, at 5:50pm, I found myself getting dressed and heading out the door for some running.

Got there and immediately told Frank of my abhorrence for running; that is was a borderline phobia with how my body goes into panic mode while running for no reason at all.

We ran a 800m warm up, at which I did not stop :D--- seriously that's a big deal. Then we did a good amount of stretching. After our muscles were warm, we went into about 30 mins of amazing running drills. My mind was exploding with all this new technique and practical skill work. It was great.

Now came the WOD:

4 x 400m with 3 minute rest between each 400m. A mile total.

Here were my times:


My first 400 I just ran like the dickens, completely not applying any pose running drills we just did.
The second run was a bit brutal as I was doing my best to keep form, but the whole time want to quit.
The 3rd 400m I had a grip on my compulsive thoughts and just tried my best to keep my head calm and relaxed, focus on the cadence and keeping my body not tense.
The 4th and final 400m Frank said I looked the best, my cadence was faster and my heal strike was less exaggerated. I did feel my midline was tight and my shoulders were back and relaxed for the entire lap around the track. When I finished I collapsed. I was very glad to have completed the WOD without stopping/walking/bitching/moaning/complaining.

I told Frank that I'm committed to improving this weak link in my fitness and will be attending his class every time he puts it on.

My hamstrings are soooooo tight right now. That pose running is going to need a lot of practice. Awaken those muscles. I've been running with my hip flexor, as my left foot bows out when I'm tired. So much to correct.

Running. My achilles heel.


I just worked on my speed, and explosivity (I'm making up words...) ok, um, explosiveness. Not really going to heavy weight, just working on technique, trying to form those synapses.

I was happy with my work. Diso was able to critique me. I was definitely having commitment issues of catching the bar at the bottom of my squat. Not that I didn't have the speed to do so, but I was not confident in sticking the lift and possibly dumping/injuring myself.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Giant among us!

This post is dedicated to Chris Sherwin. 

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

This story is just crazy.... Only in Assassin's world :D

So Martina does Games WOD 11.6. At her completion I claim her 65# bar. I slap on 2-35# plates on it. I lift it. I do not record this on the whiteboard. I add 2-10# plates. I lift successfully and with ease. 

I go to the whiteboard and record my last 2 reps: 125-145-

Add 2 more 10# plates. Lift. Done. 165#.

Add 2 more 10# plates. Liiiiiiiiift really slowly, but complete the rep with "ease" once the bar was off the ground. I was mindful to also do the eccentric movement back down to the ground, knowing it aids in making me stronger. It wasn't bad. 185#. Done. This felt very heavy, which kinda already put in a bad mood, cause I thought, If it was soooo difficult to do my current PR, how the heck am I gonna set a new one at 190? I was discouraged and thought, Maybe I'm not that strong today. 

I scout for 2 and half plates to add another small increment of 5# total. I pulled as hard as I could, but the bar would not even budge off the ground. I knew it was my head. 

I took a long rest and was determined to PR. I went to ZEb and said I HAD to lift this off the ground. On my 2nd and final attempt, I set up strong and pulled. NOthing. 

I got really down on myself. I just laid on the ground with CR and had this running loop of disappointment in my head. We goofed off long enough for the 6:30pm class to start. I decided to FINALLY strip my bar and put it away. AND that is when I found out that the 2 innermost plates were 15#s, not 10#. So this entire time I was recording my reps, I was off by 10#s. 

THEREFORE, I DID SET A NEW PR BY 10#s: 195#s!!!! I'm only 5#s away from DL'ing double my body weight. 

So my last 2 missed reps were actually attempts at 200#s. 

It totally turned my blah class into pure elation. I'm even giddy about it now, 6 hours later :)

200#s is my goal my birthday. Which is totally doable. 

For no particular reason I just want to say that I really appreciate my Coaches, Diso and Zeb. Now that I'm coaching, I have a greater respect for what they do, and I hope that I can be in a place to touch lives like they have mine. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A monday.

Ok, this picture is not correct.  The 105x3 is NOT  PR. The 100#s is technically and PR @ 4 reps.

After that I did...

"Tabata Something Else"

Complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest where the first 8 intervals are pull-ups, the second 8 are push-ups, the third 8 intervals are sit-ups, and finally, the last 8 intervals are squats. There is no rest between exercises.

My totals listed are not in order of how we did the Tabata intervals. I think 39 is my pull up score. 93 is my squat score. 82 is my sit up score and 50 is my push up score. I'm happy with my work. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Striking Out

The Clean & Jerk is a lift that is NOT part of the CFSB template. Oh well! I've been wanting to attempt to set a PR on this movement since I set new PRs on both the split-jerk and front squat. I knew I've gotten stronger since I set my former PR in Oct. '09. 

It wasn't by much (not to say that I couldn't put up more weight, I just thought I'd stop while I was ahead)... 80#s was my 8th attempt, so I knew there wasn't much gas in the tank. My first clean, I felt the bar was a little out in front of my so I caught it forward, but I was able to recover and catch the bar at the bottom of my squat. I stood up and reset. I could feel the stars swirling about my head. I took 4 big breaths and split jerk the bar up and I got under. My left shoulder felt weak and tired and I felt my core "slack." It took me a second to stablize the bar over my head and complete the movement with complete control. I drop the bar, and think "Oh shit, I have to do another one!"

My second rep was waaaaayy better than my first. I knew I had to commit to each movement. I jump shrugged was quicker and with much more force than my first rep. I felt that bar get weightless, and I immediately through myself into the bottom of my squat, and swung my elbows around the bar. It felt so doable---I stood up without effort. No stars about my head. I did take an extra second to reset and catch my bearings before I jerked the bar. I again focused on my speed on getting underneath the bar. There was no way I could press 80#s so I had to rely on my speed to get the bar overhead. And I did!

Super excited. I feel like I definitely could Clean & jerk 85#s, maybe even 90#, but I'm going to take some time before I attempt again. I'll work on my press to get my upper body stronger; work on my front squat so I can "receive" the bar with proper strength; and work on my explosive speed. 

For Met-con dessert I did Games WOD 11.6

As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

3 Thrusters (100/65)

3 Chest to Bar Pull ups

6 Thrusters

6 Chest to Bar Pull ups

9 Thrusters

9 Chest to Bar Pull ups

...if you complete the 9 reps, continue to 12 of each, then 15 and so on until the time is completed.

I'm gonna do this again with more weight. I don't really like my performance. Just glad that I got my met-con in. My left shoulder was acting stupid and I had to stop a few times. I forgot to ice it or roll it out. I hope my shoulder isn't jacked. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I was passed over

The met-con was 1 round of:

Run 100 meters

50 Push-ups

Run 100 meters

50 Sit-ups

Run 100 meters

50 Squats

Run 100 meters

50 Back extensions

I didn't PR on my deadlift :( and I didn't do as well on the WOD as I wanted. I set a goal of 12 mins. I'm thinking of taking a rest day today. I'm obviously off my game.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Pretty straight forward. I hit my new 3RM PR by 5#s. Super stoked. Felt strong. I liked it. Of course, I <3 back squats, so not a big surprise. 

I knew this morning, I was planning to do a 10 min version of Jack. Not really sure what the RX'd weight is for ladies, but I kept it light. My left shoulder was acting all wonky during the shoulder prep, so I was a bit concerned, but it warmed up by the 2nd round in. 


For push press I used 45#s, for KB I used 3/4 pood and a 18" box. I'm happy with my results. I went hard the last round. I really wanted to complete 4 rounds and get some PP in, and I did it, but not without taking myself to that edge of "Oh shit!" I collapsed at the end of the 10 mins. I started to walk around and clean up, but found out too prematurely. I had a strong desire to "puke." I went outside by the bushes and just sat there. I felt the blood rushing to my face and heat just coming off of my body. I stayed like that for about 10 mins. 

Now, I'm home completely gassed and relaxed. Not really excited about working tomorrow. But I do have something to look forward to: Coaching the KIDS!

PS- the hip flexor strain seems to have worked itself out. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

cakey cakes


Five rounds for max reps of:

Body weight bench press


Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is the most sure I've ever felt

I ran 400m for warm up. Came back and jumped right into DROM. During my leg front kicks and side kicks, something tweaked in my hip. I felt fine at extension, but when flexed it was painful, at 90 degrees or less. I decided to continue with the classic warm up. Doing the squats were painful. I did some stretches and some mob-wod movements to see it would "work itself out." I was determined to do deadlift today. 

Without feeling any relief I jumped into lifting some weight. I started at 115#, then 145#. I wanted the my 165# to by my first official number on the board (In January I set a 4RM PR @ 165#). I got it the new PR!!! It was actually "easy." I did not release the bar at the top of the deadlift, but did the eccentric movement back to the ground. Probably a bad idea for my strained flexor, which at the time I didn't isolate it to be that muscle. 

For 175#, I did release the bar at the top after each rep. The first 3 reps felt great; #4 was tough. Rep #5 was very difficult, breaking the 5RM PR I just set 5 mins prior. After dropping the bar, I fell to my knees feeling the stars swirling about my head.  It really gassed me. I laid there, rotating my hip, feeling the tension building up. At that point, I thought I would do my last set of 5 reps at the same weight of 175#. 

The pain was starting to be too much. Tyler recommended that I throw in the towel and be satisfied with the numbers I put up. I'm glad I took his advice. I immediately rolled out my hip and iced it. It felt sooooo good. 

I have a strong feeling that sleep isn't going to be so comfortable tonight. My hips bother anyway when I'm injury free. 

Instead of back squat tomorrow, I may have to work on push-press and do an upper body couplet, maybe like the Main site WOD, hmmmm. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Testing my inner strength

Five rounds for time:

7 Front squat (185/135#)

10 Burpee pull-ups

What a day. So much on my mind, and in heart, trying to listen to my gut, still not trusting my intuition.... With all this, I really wanted to unload all this "heaviness" at the box. Just lay it all out. 

With this in mind, I attacked my 1st Strength WOD with lofty goals. My 1RM max, set in November is 105#s. In the past 3 months I've attempted to set a new 1RM of 110# twice about a month ago, failing both times!!!
I remembered being discouraged. I just kept thinking, "What's 5#s more over my current PR of 105#?"

Fast forward to today, and I thought, I'm going to set a new PR. Of course, I actually thought, I'd be happy if I did just one rep, but successfully completing a 3 reps, that just sent me over the moon!!! :)) It was difficult, but doable. I'm sooo happy. Setting a new PR is so satisfying.  

Following the CFSB (that's Strength Bias) template, I proceeded to prepare for a high intensity WOD, taking today's WOD and modifying it so that it would fall under 10 mins and keep the intensity high. I dropped down to 65#s and lessened the reps to 5 & 7 vs. 7 & 10, respectively. After lifting those heavy loads, this WOD was definitely brutal. I just kept thinking, I just want this to be over, I just want this to be over!

End of round 2, I felt hopeless. My legs were so fatigued at that point. My burpee pull ups felt so slow. When I got to the burpees in round 4, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and put into high gear and went all out. 

I finished my last set of front squats and Diso called "9 mins in!" I knew I wanted to be under 10 mins so I pushed through the last 7 burpees and called time at 9:29. I collapsed and writhed on the floor, feeling my stomach convulsing. My head was reeling... Burpees do that to me. 

This was exactly what I needed. 

4 hours later and my legs are just killed. 

Monday, April 11, 2011


CrossFit Games Open 11.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:

165 pound Squat clean

165 pound Jerk

I used a 63# barbell, which is about 85% of my 1RM. 

I am love

Press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Day of my Crossfit Strength Bias regiment. Read all about it here.  At round 7, I put on another 5#s and failed. Zeb had the great idea of adding smaller increments, 2#s totaling 47#s. I was able to get it over my head once, but could not get full extension on my 2nd rep. I finished out with 45#s on my last 2 sets. 

50#s is my shoulder press 1R PR set in January when I did CF Total; this was a lot of reps, so it made sense that I was going to failure. 

This wasn't as exciting as my time I spent coaching the kiddies tonight :) 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I have commitment issues

Today was a"technique" day. Since pledging to do a 2 month Strength conditioning focus, I didn't really think out how to program it. I came and just sort of picked a lift to do without rhyme or reason, and snatch came out my mind's hopper.

Well, I was fortunate enough to share with Zeb that I have no idea how to structure my strength conditioning to equate to results. He shared with me a CF Journal that provided the answers to what I am seeking. It is CFSB- Crossfit Strength Bias. This article line for line sorted out all my of concerns on to get stronger, faster... CF Gold I call it.

If you dont have a subscription to CF Journal, then you're a dumbass. Get it. Read this article. Read all the articles.

Let's see how the next 6 weeks go. I'm sooooo excited.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Changing my regiment

Here is the MAP of the route I took. 

I did not run for time, but just to work on my endurance. I was proud that I ran the first mile with stopping. The 2nd mile was pretty tough for some reason; I think because it was the long stretch on the Marina with no "markers." The 3rd mile I did run/walk, but the stretches of running were extensive. I would "bargain" with myself like say, "Just run to that pillar." When I'd get there, I'd rationalize that I'm not tired and tell myself to run to the next marker that I saw, so the third mile went quickly. As well, I was encountering more traffic lights, so it forced me to stop. Therefore, I made the rule that I had to run to each traffic, no ifs/and/buts.

When I got to through my final (red) traffic light at the 90 Fwy, I jogged all the way to the box without stopping :)

Things I learned on my run: I have to keep looking up. I have the tendency to look down at the ground in front of me and I think it makes me "dizzy." Upbeat music is a must; I kept getting Ray Charles and Diana Krall coming up on my shuffle, that I finally put it on the hip-hip folder and I getting into the zone was easier.  Once I get past that discomfort phase, I realize the my body will keep going as long as I keep my internal voice quiet.

I plan to run to the box every Tuesday :)

I got the box knowing that I wasn't planning on doing the WOD. I wanted to work on building my overhead movements. I picked push press and push jerk.

I set 2 new PRs. 1RM PR for Push Press @ 70#s and 1RM PR for Split Jerk @ 80#s. 
That is actually the most weight I've ever lifted overhead. 

I learned today that I really need to work on my speed with the regular push jerk. I switched over to Split jerk, because I was having fear/commitment issues getting under the bar fast enough. I failed one too many times. I KNOW I'm strong enough to lift eh weight, it's just speed and commitment. Knowing I'm strong enough to lift that weight overhead, I switched over to the split jerk, to get my confidence and wanted to set a PR. 

The 80#s felt heavy when I took it out of the rack. Took a big breath in, dipped and drived, and got under the bar quickly. The weight felt solid at the top in my locked out arms. Mid-line felt tight, solid; no longer back "pinching." Super happy. 

Now, I've got to work on my squat clean cause I've never attempted an 80 clean and jerk together :)

So the change in my regiment is that I'm going strictly strength conditioning for the next month... Maybe longer if I don't see the gains I'm expecting. I want to raise all the PRs on all my powerlifts by 10-15#s. 

If the Main Site wod is a heavy-weighted met-con, then I'll do it. For example, tomorrow will be the Games Open WOD 11.3, which is AMRAP Clean & Jerk for 5 mins. That I will do. 

But all the body weight/met con I'll pass. Obviously, I'll make sure I'm getting in a decent amount of cardio in the form of running/Double Unders/Rowing as part of my warm up. 

Let's see if can set some crazy numbers by early May. If I'm not there, then I'll just keep at it. 

Monday, April 04, 2011

Hang Man

Hang Power Clean + Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

My PR is bullshit. I just searched my blog history and I've never attempted a 1RM Hang Clean, power nor squat. Soooo, while all those are PRs, it's mostly a baseline. Going off memory, I don't think I've ever attempted to hang clean anything over 65#s. I mean, maybe I have, but unsuccessfully. So I'll take the 70#s as a triumph. Especially since I attempted on my 3rd round and failed. I backed off, got my confidence back up and knew it was my head that was stopping me from completing the lift. Lifting all that weight above head is "easy." I pretty sure that I can do into the 80+ overhead. I think I will be attempting jerk from the rack position on Wednesday as my strength day. 

I think I've made the decision to alternate met-con wod with strength conditioning every other day. I want to get stronger so I need to give it more attention. More than what the main site gives it. 

I'm thinking 2 days a week Met-con and 3 days/wk strength. I'm just not seeing the gains that I think other folks I see at other boxes whom do their own programing are accomplishing. 

We'll see.