Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Changing my regiment

Here is the MAP of the route I took. 

I did not run for time, but just to work on my endurance. I was proud that I ran the first mile with stopping. The 2nd mile was pretty tough for some reason; I think because it was the long stretch on the Marina with no "markers." The 3rd mile I did run/walk, but the stretches of running were extensive. I would "bargain" with myself like say, "Just run to that pillar." When I'd get there, I'd rationalize that I'm not tired and tell myself to run to the next marker that I saw, so the third mile went quickly. As well, I was encountering more traffic lights, so it forced me to stop. Therefore, I made the rule that I had to run to each traffic, no ifs/and/buts.

When I got to through my final (red) traffic light at the 90 Fwy, I jogged all the way to the box without stopping :)

Things I learned on my run: I have to keep looking up. I have the tendency to look down at the ground in front of me and I think it makes me "dizzy." Upbeat music is a must; I kept getting Ray Charles and Diana Krall coming up on my shuffle, that I finally put it on the hip-hip folder and I getting into the zone was easier.  Once I get past that discomfort phase, I realize the my body will keep going as long as I keep my internal voice quiet.

I plan to run to the box every Tuesday :)

I got the box knowing that I wasn't planning on doing the WOD. I wanted to work on building my overhead movements. I picked push press and push jerk.

I set 2 new PRs. 1RM PR for Push Press @ 70#s and 1RM PR for Split Jerk @ 80#s. 
That is actually the most weight I've ever lifted overhead. 

I learned today that I really need to work on my speed with the regular push jerk. I switched over to Split jerk, because I was having fear/commitment issues getting under the bar fast enough. I failed one too many times. I KNOW I'm strong enough to lift eh weight, it's just speed and commitment. Knowing I'm strong enough to lift that weight overhead, I switched over to the split jerk, to get my confidence and wanted to set a PR. 

The 80#s felt heavy when I took it out of the rack. Took a big breath in, dipped and drived, and got under the bar quickly. The weight felt solid at the top in my locked out arms. Mid-line felt tight, solid; no longer back "pinching." Super happy. 

Now, I've got to work on my squat clean cause I've never attempted an 80 clean and jerk together :)

So the change in my regiment is that I'm going strictly strength conditioning for the next month... Maybe longer if I don't see the gains I'm expecting. I want to raise all the PRs on all my powerlifts by 10-15#s. 

If the Main Site wod is a heavy-weighted met-con, then I'll do it. For example, tomorrow will be the Games Open WOD 11.3, which is AMRAP Clean & Jerk for 5 mins. That I will do. 

But all the body weight/met con I'll pass. Obviously, I'll make sure I'm getting in a decent amount of cardio in the form of running/Double Unders/Rowing as part of my warm up. 

Let's see if can set some crazy numbers by early May. If I'm not there, then I'll just keep at it. 

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