Friday, April 29, 2011

Still in the HATE phase

Zeb somehow jedi mind tricked me into attending TRACK NIGHT at Santa Monica College, coached by Frank.

At 3PM in the afternoon, I text Zeb that I would be taking a rest day and wouldn't be able to make it. But for some reason, at 5:50pm, I found myself getting dressed and heading out the door for some running.

Got there and immediately told Frank of my abhorrence for running; that is was a borderline phobia with how my body goes into panic mode while running for no reason at all.

We ran a 800m warm up, at which I did not stop :D--- seriously that's a big deal. Then we did a good amount of stretching. After our muscles were warm, we went into about 30 mins of amazing running drills. My mind was exploding with all this new technique and practical skill work. It was great.

Now came the WOD:

4 x 400m with 3 minute rest between each 400m. A mile total.

Here were my times:


My first 400 I just ran like the dickens, completely not applying any pose running drills we just did.
The second run was a bit brutal as I was doing my best to keep form, but the whole time want to quit.
The 3rd 400m I had a grip on my compulsive thoughts and just tried my best to keep my head calm and relaxed, focus on the cadence and keeping my body not tense.
The 4th and final 400m Frank said I looked the best, my cadence was faster and my heal strike was less exaggerated. I did feel my midline was tight and my shoulders were back and relaxed for the entire lap around the track. When I finished I collapsed. I was very glad to have completed the WOD without stopping/walking/bitching/moaning/complaining.

I told Frank that I'm committed to improving this weak link in my fitness and will be attending his class every time he puts it on.

My hamstrings are soooooo tight right now. That pose running is going to need a lot of practice. Awaken those muscles. I've been running with my hip flexor, as my left foot bows out when I'm tired. So much to correct.

Running. My achilles heel.

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