Thursday, April 21, 2011

Striking Out

The Clean & Jerk is a lift that is NOT part of the CFSB template. Oh well! I've been wanting to attempt to set a PR on this movement since I set new PRs on both the split-jerk and front squat. I knew I've gotten stronger since I set my former PR in Oct. '09. 

It wasn't by much (not to say that I couldn't put up more weight, I just thought I'd stop while I was ahead)... 80#s was my 8th attempt, so I knew there wasn't much gas in the tank. My first clean, I felt the bar was a little out in front of my so I caught it forward, but I was able to recover and catch the bar at the bottom of my squat. I stood up and reset. I could feel the stars swirling about my head. I took 4 big breaths and split jerk the bar up and I got under. My left shoulder felt weak and tired and I felt my core "slack." It took me a second to stablize the bar over my head and complete the movement with complete control. I drop the bar, and think "Oh shit, I have to do another one!"

My second rep was waaaaayy better than my first. I knew I had to commit to each movement. I jump shrugged was quicker and with much more force than my first rep. I felt that bar get weightless, and I immediately through myself into the bottom of my squat, and swung my elbows around the bar. It felt so doable---I stood up without effort. No stars about my head. I did take an extra second to reset and catch my bearings before I jerked the bar. I again focused on my speed on getting underneath the bar. There was no way I could press 80#s so I had to rely on my speed to get the bar overhead. And I did!

Super excited. I feel like I definitely could Clean & jerk 85#s, maybe even 90#, but I'm going to take some time before I attempt again. I'll work on my press to get my upper body stronger; work on my front squat so I can "receive" the bar with proper strength; and work on my explosive speed. 

For Met-con dessert I did Games WOD 11.6

As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

3 Thrusters (100/65)

3 Chest to Bar Pull ups

6 Thrusters

6 Chest to Bar Pull ups

9 Thrusters

9 Chest to Bar Pull ups

...if you complete the 9 reps, continue to 12 of each, then 15 and so on until the time is completed.

I'm gonna do this again with more weight. I don't really like my performance. Just glad that I got my met-con in. My left shoulder was acting stupid and I had to stop a few times. I forgot to ice it or roll it out. I hope my shoulder isn't jacked. 

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