Thursday, January 06, 2011

Double your pleasure, double your fun!

Not for time:

5 Muscle-ups

50 Hollow Rocks

5 Muscle-ups

30 Rolls, Forward or Backward, athlete's choice

5 Muscle-ups

20 Bridge-ups

5 Muscle-ups

I worked mostly on my dips with thin red band, and strict pull up with 1" white band. The hollow rocks were yucky. I have a love/hate relationship with forward rolls. I did not do any bridges, cause I ran out of time...

This was my "warm up" to this:


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:

95 pound Thruster


So this is my baseline. This was first time for me to attempt Fran with unassisted pull ups. I was upset the entire time I was doing the WOD. Only because the night before I was fantasizing in my head of doing Fran with ease and grace... But when it was actually happening, I felt like shit! It wasn't what I imagined at all. I was sooooooooooooooo gassed the whole time. My arms went to failure during the first 21 pull ups. The thrusters I could only do in sets of 4. NOt anticipating to feel really gassed so soon, it fucked with my head and I think I started to get down on myself. I just couldn't believe my arms wouldn't work. 

I did do Fran by myself. YOu know my feelings about that. And I am 4 days into eating Paleo(+dairy), so my caloric intake is lower and my body is no longer relying on calorie dense carbs for energy... So I really think I'm in a transition period with my body, therefore feeling really sluggish and tired quickly def could be an outcome to my change in diet. 

I definitely did not eat enough for the amount of work I did today, but we'll get to that later. 

I left Paradiso Crossfit and headed over to LAX Crossfit  to do a heavy WOD. 

Deadlift 4-4-4

I'm super happy with my performance on this WOD. 4 reps is a lot. The WOD on December 8 I lifted 165 x2 consecutively on the minute, but I still think this is a different measure. The last set of 4 was a challenge. I felt like the bar was in slow motion. But I did not compromise my form! 
Dan then wanted me to do a 65# Clean (almost 90%) of my PR and record it so we can dissect my movements. We did; I'll post it once I get. At that point I was tired. I hadn't eaten a whole meal yet; the guys all had Peruvian food, which I grazed on a bit... I was just tired. I could have stayed and talked "shop" all day but I had to head to work. The guys at LAX Crossfit are really warm and laid back. I'm sure their box will foster that same warmth in their future members. Which is a good thing. 

My body actually feels good as I type this. I feel not achy or sore.  Woo hoo! Must be the fish oil :) I don't ever want to take 2-3 weeks off from CF. It's the worst breaking your body back in. 

So my diet has been lacking today.

4oz roasted beet
1 SFH daily balance shake made with milk
1 SFH Post wod shake made with water
1 pear
1oz of beef (lomo saltado)
1 banana
3 egg omelet with truffle cheese
small salad with balsamic vin
8oz coffee with half/half

Not enough calories for sure. 


  1. I ALWAYS go into Fran thinking the same thing- that I'm going to kick her A$$ and then before I even finish the first round of 21 reps, I'm so gassed that I want to cry. She has a way of doing that to us! LOL

    What weight did you do the Thrusters at? Your time is AWESOME and you should be really proud of it- especially for your 1st time w/ unassisted pull-ups.

  2. I did 45#s. 65#s a lot for me weighing 100#s and all... Thanks for the encouraging words.

    And yes, the desire to cry was very much in my head for those 14 minutes :)