Sunday, January 02, 2011

Abstinence is overrated

8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:

Hang squat clean (155/105) I used 50#s

30 double unders after each set

I did it! My goal was to do it under 20 mins and I just got in under the line. I'm really amped. What I'm not amped about is my impending soreness. I has been 16 days since my last WOD, and I probably should have taken it easy today, like do another WOD with less reps, or just scale down the Double-unders. Well, I didn't. Mid-WOD, I definitely felt pukie. Post WOD, I felt pukie. Awesome-town! I just looked up my hang squat clean history and it seems I've never really done the movement on it's own of recent, just mostly cleans from the ground. Back in April I think I did 40#s... so 50#s was heavy enough. I'm sure if I hadn't taken 16 days rest, I would have done 65#s easy.... well, maybe not--60#s being that it's a hang SQUAT clean not a hang POWER clean.   

As I climbed the stairs of my apartment building, I felt my quads tighten up. I sat on the couch and immediately my quads and the muscle underneath them cramped BAAAAAAAAAAAAD! I realize that I'm probably extremely dehydrated due to the copious amounts of sinus medicine I've been taking, coupled with the copious amounts of champagne and Crown I've been consuming in anticipation of my 30 days of alcohol abstinence. (and no, I don't need a lecture about mixing the 2, MOM!) I attempted to get up to get water and drink an entire bottle of SFH Fish Oil  but fell to the ground in piercing pain and agony. It was a horrible 10 mins. 

I need a massage. 

I did pick up where I left off in my strict pull up exercises. I did lose a considerable amount of upper body strength. Using the thin red band, I could NOT do a strict pull up, when I could previously -16 days ago!!! I have so much strength to recover. 

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  1. Good workout! I'll probably steal it and use it in the future! I'm sorry about your cramps, your sinus cold, etc. Hopefully you're better soon!