Monday, June 20, 2011

Healing and revealing

Three rounds for time of:

50 Double unders

25 Wall ball "2-fer-1s", 20 pound ball

Wowsers this had me in a vice grip. I did this WOD way scaled back last August. I really happy with my time. I did look at the average times on the board throughout the day, and they were mostly in the high teens, so ya I'm happy. 

This was the first WOD where i used my NEW ultra speed cable jump rope that I got shipped on my birthday! I still am not use to the rope. It definitely turns faster so my jumping cadence has to adjust, and also I feel like the handles (with screws) weighs more than the other rope I was using. My wrists also can tell that one handle weighs more than the other, and it definitely has to adjust in turning the rope. 

The 2fer's were really taxing. The first 2 rounds I broke up the 25 in sets of 5 reps. In the third round, I was soooo gassed that I had to do them in sets of 2 each. Kareem and I were pretty much pacing the same the entire time, except that I would get my DUs done about a minute advance... but he would make up ground in the 2fer's. So last round, I finish the DUs, and manage to get eight 2fer's by the time Kareem finishes the last of his DU. He makes up ground so quickly that I call time only 10 seconds before him. 

I didn't feel like I had to puke my afterwards, but lungs were really burning. I had that heady, euphoric feeling for quite some time... Probably more than an hour. I'm glad I ate clean today. I plan to all week. Sunday I felt like lethargic shit. I only ate 1 meal on both Sat and Sun and they were not nutritious. 

Glad to be back in the box. I feel fresh. I really needed that rest. 

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