Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm going to stop asking

21-15-9 reps for time:

Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35#) 15# for me

Burpee Pull-ups

Lung burner. Pukie. Good god. This is like Fran on 'roids. Thrusters obviously suck balls, but then you add the Dumbbell element where you need soooo much core strength to stabilize and control the dumbbells. My left side is definitely my weaker side.

So WOD recap: Started out by doing 11 Thrusters then threw my DBs on the ground. The last 10 were wretched. The 21 burpee pull ups, while the plus side of them are that you can pace them slow, they completely zapped my energy. I had to kip so hard to get a legit pull up. Set 15 was the WORST! It was at this point I started to feel the burn in my stomach and chest up to my throat... I felt soooooo slow on the thrusters. I had to break up the 15 reps into sets of 5. Zeb had to remind me to breath; ya, I was pretty much holding my breath the entire I was thrusting, probably not a good idea. I realize I have to learn how to stabilize my core and not hold my breath while doing so. The 15 burpee PUs were kind of a blur. 
I was soooooo gassed at the start at the 9 set that it got me angry enough and motivated to just end this shit. Took 4 big ass breaths and just fuckin' hammered out the 9 thrusters with my eyes closed. 

The last 9 burpee PUs were fuckin' brutal. I had Zeb and Coach Zen countin' me down and cheerin' me on. I really wanted to take a break, but I kept moving, albeit slowly, but I was moving. I did 4. Then 2. Then the last 3 Zeb announced to the box I was on my last 3 and all I could hear was a cacophony of "Assassin this!" and "Assassin that!" and all I wanted to do was to puke. I made sure that the last 3 pull ups perfect, with chin well above the bar. Again I had to kip sooo violently since my arms were just fuckin' dead. 

I collapsed on the floor and did not move for about 15 mins. I was completely wrecked and useless. My body was a big throbbing heart beat. I had that post wod euphoria for about an hour and thirty minutes. 

I love that feeling. 

PS- I tore on my right hand. 

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