Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today made up for yesterday

"Death By 10 Meters"

Run 10 meters the first minute, 20 meters the second minute and 30 meters the third.  Continue to run an additional 10 meters until you can no longer finish the prescribed number of meters within the minute. Score is complete rounds and meters run in last round.

I did better than I expected of myself. I'm a little upset that I missed the 11th round by just 10m, but I'm satisfied with my work. I was being very mindful of my form. After each round I expounded what I was feeling in my body and Diso let me know what I was doing wrong in my form to result in that feeling. Like whenever I run I have ankle "pain"--- not really pain but shocks of electricity. It happened yesterday during the 200m running drills; I got this shock in my ankle and it felt like I could put weight on it, but only for second. I was getting that same shock today. Diso explained that my ankle was not "loose" but tense and I was striking the ground with the tense ankle, making it sore... I think. So the next round I would take heed to Diso's assessment and try to correct it. 

By round 7 I was starting to feel the shock in the balls of my feet. In my class, I was the only one wearing barefoot shoes (Vibrams), so I wonder if they were feeling the fatigue in their feet like I was. 
(SIDEBAR: I cannot wait until my NB Minimus shoes get here! My Vibrams are literally coming apart at the seams)

I really liked this WOD, and I HATE running, so good job G for making a believer out of me! Lol!

Soooooo, I know that I want to set a new Clean & Jerk PR. After the 2 week intensive of squat cleans, I isolated the fact that I have to work on getting stronger in my front squat, because in the high rep WODs, I found myself not staying active at the bottom of my squat. I would "sit" down completely then fire up, which isn't the most efficient use of energy.  I set up to do a Front Squat complex with the intention of hopefully building strength.  Here it is: 

This was crazy. The first 10 @ 65#s was challenging already. The 8 @ 75#s even more so. The round of 6, I took long breaks between each rep, but with the bar racked on my shoulders. @ 95#s I banged out 3, then racked the bar on the stand, took a 15 sec. breather and completed my 4th rep. (BTW, my 3RM PR is 95#s which I set in January).  I was definitely seeing stars and my hearing went "out" after that set. After about 2 mins I attempted 2 reps @ 105#s and I FAILED at the first rep. I think I went into it too soon. I took about an 8 min break and stepped up to the bar and got aggressive. 105# is my 1RM set in November,  so this 2 rep attempt would technically be a PR. I went down, felt I was below parallel and fired up. It was good. I was seeing stars. Took a big breath in, tightened up my mid-line and went down. At the bottom, I had an inkling of doubt, but it took all my energy to hold on to fire up. It was like in super slo mo. I had to be mindful to keep my elbows up. I could feel my legs bowing in, trying to utilize any and all muscles in my legs. I did it! It completely drained me, but I was happy. 

So with 30 heavy squats under my belt, I half committed to attempting a new 1RM PR of 110#s. I probably didn't rest long enough and of course just plain leg fatigue, I failed at 110#. I'm ok about it. I feel this FS complex has built up more strength and tomorrow, I will probably work on my C&J if my hamstrings will allow. With the pose running + all those squats, my legs are pretty beat right now. Trying to stay hydrated and doing a lot stretching my living room floor. 

Games site WOD still not up. It is 11:11PM. Great. 


  1. That's a great workout! Nice job on the front squats! I can't wait for you to update your 1RM # b/c if you can do 105 twice, you'll definitely kill it!