Friday, March 04, 2011

Holding it together

Five rounds for time of:

135 pound Back squat, 20 reps

Handstand walk 20 yards

It was a lot of back squats. Why can't I ever do the basic math before I get in there. 100 sounds like a lot, but 5 rounds of 20 doesn't. Yea, I'm a 'tard. I did notice that my abs were totally hurting the entire time I was doing the back squats. Zeb says it's cause I'm doing the the right thing of keeping my core engaged and tight. 3rd round and 4th round seemed to be the hardest to get through during the 20 reps, breaking up the set in 4 squats. The 5th round I suddenly realized that it was completely mental and told myself that I've already done so many squats that it's NOT my body in the way of doing the work, it was my head. I did 8 in a row, then 6, then 6 for the last round. 

The handstand hold against the wall was really difficult. I walked my feet up the wall so that my stomach was pointing towards it. The point was to try to keep your hips over your hands, so you had that hollow position in your back. Explaining it in words doesn't seem to do it justice in regards to how difficult it was for me. The longest stretch of holding the HS was 30 seconds, and that was with deadly concentration and mindful breathing. 

I just wanted it to be over by round 3. I couldn't believe I had 2 more rounds to go. 

Now my shoulders are pretty sore and my legs/posterior chain feels all swoll. Lol. 

Crossfit is my refuge, my therapy, my release, my rock... It's getting me through this tough time in my life. 

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