Friday, March 18, 2011

Let me just be upfront

I hate running. Therefore, I signed up for a 5K. Hating something takes so much energy, and I'm fuckin' tired. So, I need to make amends with this hate by just doing it.

I went to the box today and had no idea how to "prepare" for tomorrow morning. I mean, do you prepare? It's only 3 miles. I have purposefully avoided WODs that contained any running in them since the beginning. (GOsh, this has turn into a confessional) So, I figured I would come into the box and run. I didn't have a plan. I thought, just run.

I ran 2-800 meters.

So I'm running about 11:15 mile, which would put me at about 34 min finish time. I really want to come in around 30 mins, but I highly doubt I will magically start running a 10 min, esp. since I've been avoiding running this entire time. 

Truly though, doing this 5K is the first small goal of getting over my hate, regardless of what time I come in at tomorrow morning. I think it would be good goal to just run as much as possible, walk if absolutely necessary. 

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