Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Catching up

For time:

75 Squats

50 Pull-ups (25 for me)

20 Ring dips (10 reps)

50 Squats

35 Pull-ups (18 reps)

15 Ring dips (8 reps)

25 Squats

20 Pull-ups (10 reps)

10 Ring dips (5 reps)

When I saw this the other night on Main Page, I was completely intimidated by the high number of reps in this WOD. Diso suggested I cut the PUs and Dips in half but keep the same amount of squats. 
I did put up a band on the bar, in case I needed assistance since it was still a decent amount of reps even cut in half. I did not end up having to use the band and did all the pull ups unassisted. 

The first 75 squats felt like forever! I was the last to finish of my heat. It was a little discouraging, being that I"m the shortest and my squat should be the most "energy efficient" compared to everyone else. 

I was able to do 10 pull ups in a row, then broke them up in sets of 5.  The ring dips were tough. I initially used the thin 1/2" red band, but went to muscle failure and moved up to the white 1" band during the last round of dips. 

With my scaling down, I believe I was able to keep the intensity up. I'm happy with my time. 
My shoulders are pretty sore. I did do the thorough shoulder warm up, which I think definitely did me good; I'm injury free :)

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