Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrust is still a dirty word to me

Thruster 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

PRs abound! I've gained significant strength since my last attempt at 1RM Thruster in October where I PR'd at 65#s. When I got to 55# it felt easy. So I jumped to 65#s; it didn't feel easy, but not heavy either. So that was a 3RM PR. My first attempt at 70#s I failed, because of form, not because of strength. I took a quick break from the barbell, and went in for my 2nd attempt. I finally got the timing down... cause that's what makes heavy load lifts successful, making sure you're pressing at the right time as your hip explodes open. All 3 felt good, I was def. in control of the bar. 

75#s seemed daunting. I had a a first attempt, at which I failed. Took a break. Went in and kept all those things in mind, keep the bar close to me, trying not to be forward on the balls of me feet coming out of the squat, pressing at the right time of "explosion" and finish strong. And I went, and I got it, but it was ugly. #2, I already knew at the bottom of my squat that I didn't take the time to reset, I didn't inhale fully or "brace" myself, so I think my core was soft. I also think that I didn't press at the right time so energy from my hip opening didn't transfer. I got the bar about 1" over my head and my arms just failed. 

I called it a day. 

It was good. I'm a bit stronger. A bit closer to doing that bitch, Fran, prescribed. How can I complain?   

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