Monday, September 26, 2011

I need to get back to Love

For time:

800 meter sprint ROW

Rest precisely 3 minutes, then perform 3 rounds of:

7 Front Squats 155lbs 65lbs (from the ground)

14 oh walking lunges with 45lb 15lb plate

7 burpees

I arrived to the box and thought to jog a mile to warm up. I didn't stop once. I'm happy about that. I kept an easy pace. Afterwards I got this crazy headache, like a migraine that made my head just throb painfully. I was on the fence about even doing the WOD, but was convinced by C-Rose. I knew I didn't want to run, so I rowed. I didn't really warm up my front squat, so the 65#s was a shot in the dark. It was definitely difficult. I hurriedly grabbed a 15# plate for my walking lunges when I should have grabbed 25#. 

Either way, this WOD sucked more than I could have anticipated. I went hard on the row, and kept a 2:30 pace; I haven't rowed in 2 months. It gassed me. 

After the break, I realized 4 reps into the FS that  65#s was too advantages(sp?) for myself whom has not done multiple rep front squats in a WOD in a really long time. I did do the 1x5 FS WOD last week, but 65#s was my max weight. I hope I didn't fuck my back up; I wasn't hurting during the WOD. I'll find out tonight when I sleep if my back/hip are jacked. 

I no longer have the attention span to finish this blog entry. 

I must go and get centered. 

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