Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I hurt everywhere

I can barely type this. I'm exhausted, my arms are almost inoperable, and my right hand is bandaged up.
I'm super proud of myself for finishing. I really am. During the 30 round I was confronted with a "I can't." I started to cut a deal in my head saying that I would do half of the pull ups in round 20 and 10. I was starting to feel hopeless computing how many pull ups I had left at that moment (46 total left). I had to shake myself out of it, and not think of the astronomical number, but only worry about the 4 or 5 I could muster at that moment. I chipped away at it.

Ya, it was the pull ups that completely humbled me. The DUs were "rest." The Push ups were not great, I did go to failure every 5 push ups, but they weren't as devastating to my body as the pull ups. I think it's the use of my entire body when I kip that makes it soooo brutal. It almost makes me want to puke.

During the last 2 pull ups of the 20 round, I had Francisco right there cheering me on (cause I was a sad, whiney bitch at this point), I had to use a lot of force to kip. But I did it. Then I looked down at my right hand, and saw a pretty decent size flap of skin sticky straight up. Underneath that, bloody, raw flesh. Let's just say that the last 10 pull ups were a test to my pain threshold. I did them 1 at a time.

Let's take a look, shall we? 

Overall, my hands are pretty raw and tender. Typing hurts. As well, as my forearms feel really swoll. 

I'm going to sleep like a fuckin' bear hibernating in the winter. I suspect running drills in my near future since my upper body will not be in working order. 

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