Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Lower the Reps:

10 Muscle-ups or progressions

15 Lowers from an inverted hang on the rings, slowly

20 Handstand push-ups or progressions

25 Ring rows

30 Ring push-ups or push ups or combination

So completely maddening (but still good): I really struggled with the MU progression and being able to keep my false grip. I was using a 1" thick band, as I need the resistance. I ended up "giving up." I then went to LAXCF and was showing Michelle this progression using a thinner band. Lo and behold I was able to bang out 5 muscle up progressions, with a solid false grip. I was completely strong enough to do it with a thinner band. This has been story with all my little goals, where I can't at PCF and then I go to LAXCF and I'm doing all these crazy things: strict pull up, C&J PR, butterfly kip.... and the list goes on. 

I'm grateful still, no matter where I do it. 

So I ran a mile to find my base line, as it is on the goal board that I want a sub 10 min mile. I have another 30 seconds to go I guess. I'm quite happy to learn that I can jog a mile without stopping. Yay me!

The skins leggings came in the mail the other day. I wore them yesterday. I'll probably wear them on more met-con days than skills days like this one. All I do know is that they make my ass look like it belongs on a 19 year old. It looks phenomenal. I would wear my skins everyday just to have my ass lifted and separated on the daily. Granted the millions of squats I've done is part of that, but since the leggings have compression in the thighs, it really makes your ass more... bulbous? LMAO.

Ok, off to work. 

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