Monday, September 19, 2011

A Fran torta!

Run 400 meters

"Fran" 21-15-9 

Thrusters (35#) 

Pull ups

Run 400 meters

So much swimming in my head. I've had such an emotional day. I have chosen not to share what was the culminating point of the day where I lost my shit and just couldn't stop crying... but it could have been worse is all I have to keep telling myself. 

I got to the gym a hot mess. My mind was racing and I couldn't focus. Working out was not fathomable. I forced myself to warm up. Squat cleans were part of the warm up, and in the past 2 months I would have just ignored it, I decided to grab a bar and try my hand at some light squat cleans. I only went up to 35#s. I used this bar for my thrusters as well. 

The 1st 400m run was "fast." I really sucked at thrusters. Probably cause I haven't done any bar work using my hip flexor in so long. My pull ups felt great. I was doing them in sets of 7 and 5, so Yay! 

The last run was just plan sadness. But I didn't stop jogging, and by jogging I mean shuffling my feet at a very slow pace. I probably could have walked faster. I was trying to keep up chest up and shoulders back and relaxed... Pick up the heel, pick up the heel. 

At the end, I'm glad for the WOD cause it took my mind off of the horrible thing that happened to me today. 

On my way to LAXCF I burst out in tears again. How will i ever get over this? 

It's almost midnight and no signs of back pain associated with the movements I did today. I think I'm going to slowly transition back into lifting again but really light and low reps. I don't want to sabotage the improvement I've made. And BTW, I just can't afford to do A.R.T. two times a week. So I stopped. Even though I would love to continue, cause I can feel that my damaged tissue isn't as widespread as it was when I first started the treatment. 

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