Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day at Dreamworks Studios

I started the day with 2 boiled eggs and 6oz of Blackberries.
10oz. Americano, black.

Then I enjoyed this lovely bowl of Carrot Ginger Soup. It was very zesty.

8oz Blackened Chicken Breast
Side Salad with Cukes
Honeydew and Cantaloup

I didn't really eat dinner which is not good. I did have a banana late in the evening.

Since I spent the day at the studio, I had lunch with John, Lee- the GM, David- the DM, and some server named Brenden. Well Brenden starts spouting off at the neck about how he's now vegetarian and starts judging everyone's plates that contain meat. Ugh, I wanted ring his neck. I stated that I wasn't going to even entertain his attempts to bait me into a conversation that could get heated on my part. So, even though I could feel my face get hot, I didn't submit to a debate that would have been futile since this Brendan's view are so nearsighted and without merit.

Because no one was really paying attention to him, he would insert statements like, "You know that chicken on your plate has detrimental effects to our earth?" and everyone at the table would just continue with their own conversation. Meanwhile, he was eating a PB&J sandwich and a grilled pannini. What a Fucktard.

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