Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Mabry Medley"

South Texas Sectional, Workout 2

3 Rounds of (12 minute cap):


2 Handstand Push-ups (on the Box)

6 Ground to Overhead (95 lbs--- scaled to 40#s)

10 Burpees

Score = Elapsed Time

Score: 6:45

I did good. I felt good. It felt kind of easy. Maybe I'm "paleo drunk." I'd like to think that being on strict paleo is making me do the wod in a shorter time than I thought would. Ok, so I wouldn't say it was easy, per se, but I know that when I was getting tired and wanted to break, I just pushed through the pain and did it. So my breaks are getting shorter, thus my times are getting shorter. 

Paleo Day 2:

Left over chili with all the added veggies.

Handful of dried apricots

Half of a mango

2tbs sunbutter

Salmon Tataki Salad with extra Avocado- It was spectacular!

1 med tangerine

1sm paleo kit

I should have a turkey burger before I go to bed, but I'm really sleepy. 

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