Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Pronunciation: grās

n.1.The exercise of lovekindnessmercyfavor.

I figured that I should utilize my blog to not just foster the transformation of my physical body, but to also to nurture the metaphysical. Some would call it the soul or spiritual existence. What ever you call it, it is the energy that actually gives life to the human body. May I live with an open heart to give grace freely and accept the grace that is bestowed upon me.

30 Handstand push-ups

40 Pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings (55/35)

60 Sit-ups

70 Burpees

Watch the WOD: James Hobart 10:02, Ben Bergeron 11:03, Matt Chan 12:20, Mat Frankel 13:05, Heather Keenan Bergeron 13:15, Miranda Oldroyd 15:00. Post time to comments
My time- 20:46 with modified HSPU on the box, 26# KB and PU with 2 bands. I'm super proud of me. I knew going into the WOD that the burpees were going to be the toughest thing to get through. I felt like I flew through the HSPUs, the PU (thanks to my kipping!); the KB swings I broke into sets of 10; the sit-ups, same thing. I started the burpees just after 13 minutes. I was already pleased about how much work I had done already in that 13 minutes. Admittedly, during the burpees, I felt sick and "gassy." All that up and down, and than back up, got my insides all riled up. When I got to 40, I thought, shit I'm half way there. Post-work out, I had one of my longest recoveries in a long time. My hearing was jacked up; felt like I was in a tunnel in my own head. I really had to sit out for about 30 minutes before all my faculties came back. I'm happy with the work I did today. 
Sterling and Crose commented on how they have noticed that I'm looking leaner and that my form and speed has seen marked improvement. That is the best thing to hear. I'm smiling right now :)
I ate only once today. Not good. I'm just not hungry. It's like my body is telling me "Calorie Restriction" without me even consciously doing it. 

3 Scrambled Eggs
1 bunch Asparagus
2oz Almonds
2 Tangerines
That's it. Hungry (and lazy) now. 

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