Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'm all burped out

For time:

Row 500 meters (video on rowing basics here)

150 Double-unders (I did 600 single unders)

50 Burpees

My time: 17 minutes on the dot

I'm super proud of me. I didn't have a goal time prior to doing the work out, but looking at the scale of times on the board, I'm dead center. Hopper did it in like 6 minutes or something, and Meredith did it in 27 minutes and some change. I think I did some good decent, hard work. I did fee like I was going to puke a few times  during the burpees. Also, I think I did my best 500m row at 2:32, and that was warm; usually I do a better 500m cold at 2:37-2:38. The 600 single unders were a trip- I was very surprised how I easily I got into a rhythm and was able to knock out about 50-65 straight, several times. The last stretch I was at 545 and got to 600 without stopping. Yes, sir-ree, my endurance is getting better. My use of oxygen is better. My "recovery" (the little breaks during the WOD) is getting shorter. Again, I'm seeing daily gains. 

What did I eat today?

4 prunes (never again)
4 dried apricots
Decaf Ice latte, unsweetened (delish!)
For lunch I went to Tere's on Melrose and Vine. I had to. I never to go Hollywood anymore and so I convinced myself that I needed to have my usual. And it was worth it.
2 Chicken Enchiladas Verdes
Rice and Beans.

I ate every morsel on the plate. Im so in love with their verde sauce, I could bath in it. And the rice and beans were sooooooo luscious, even more so that I haven't had rice in a while.

1 sm paleo kit. 

I'll probably have a snack before I fall asleep. I need a protein snack. I'm lazy. eh. 

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