Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm not sure how to insert text between each picture, but in order of how the food came out...

1. Duck Confit- crispy salty, dark ducky meat, absolutely unctuous.
2. Balsamic Pork Spare Ribs- super sticky, somewhat sweet, I only had one rib. The meat was really tender.
3. Crispy pig ears with a poached egg- This was PHENOMENAL, mind-blowingly delicious. The ears were crispy and tender with good acid balance to cut the fat, and then the runny egg yolk was just a cherry on top.
4. Roasted Bone Marrow- It has some carmelized shallots and chimichurri on top that I think ruined the dish. I had to scrape it all of, cause the over powering acid of the chimichurri and the sweetness of the shallots muted the pure goodness of the fatty marrow.
5. Crispy Veal Sweetbreads on top of creamed spinach and sauteed Hen of the Woods- another mind blower. It was really rich, again. But the sweetbread were perfectly cleaned, as the meat was creamy, smooth and delicate in milky-flavor.
6. Pan Roasted Catfish with Grain mustard Buerre Blanc- it was heaven. The catfish was very mild. The Buerre blanc had a perfect acid/fat balance, but a tad salty.

I finished the evening with a cup of coffee with MANUFACTURING CREAM (why hold back?), I believe they serve LA Mill coffee.

A perfect, indulgent culinary outing.

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