Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In come the cravings...

I've been having these explicit food fantasies that border along lascivious and obscene. Thinking of my long lost loves bringa in a tinge of melancholy. So I'm just going to purge my lusts here on paper, just get it out of me.

  • Spaghetti with meatless sauce from Chi Chi's in Northridge. I melt in a pat of butter to cut the acid in the sauce, the butter really binds everything together, kind of like mounting a pan sauce
  • Korean BBQ from Shik Do Rak, esp. the pork belly (extra crispy) with rice and duk bo saam. 
  • Crispy Pata with Rice
  • Curry Chicken Rice with the crispy fried shallots on top from Sapp's Coffee shop
  • Hainan Chicken Rice from Savoy Kitchen in Alhambra
  • Penne alla Vodka with capers
  • French Toast from Larkin's in Eagle Rock. Crunchy on the outside and custardy on the inside with double cream butter. 
  • Cabeza tacos from the taco truck on Lincoln and Rose in Venice. Perfection.
  • Carnitas tacos from Tacos Corona in Van Nuys. 
  • My mom's bacon fried rice with 2 over soft eggs. 
  • My own Milk Toast
  • Risotto. I like them all, but have an affliction for mushroom risotto, finished with some rich dairy product like mascarpone, parmesan cheese, pecorino, butter, heavy cream--- or all of the above. 
  • The Potato balls from Porto's Bakery. I could easily put away 20 (cause they've sizably shrunk over the years)
  • Chili filled Donuts at Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks
  • Pizza from: Gjelina, Joe's on Bleecker, Mozza, and believe it or not Numero Uno (extra tomatoes and canadian bacon). Clam and Bacon at a parlor in Los Feliz, forgot the name
  • Pork Bao Buns from Momofuku in NYC.
  • Nanay's dinengdeng over rice. 
  • The Popovers at BLT- hot puffy buttery goodness
  • Biscuits from Pann's. OMG!
  • D Set from Santouka: Small, Salt Ramen, served with Chasu over rice and an egg (I'm swooning right now)
  • Beef Soondubu, med spicy with spicy raw crab and salty fish cake. Extra crispy rice :)
  • In and Out Grilled Cheese animal style with fries, extra ketchup.
  • Pan de Sal from Betsey's (R.I.P.), and their spanish bread, and their cheese roll. 
  • Pasta della Casa from the Old Oyster House (don't ever change!)
  • Sonny's BBQ Pork Ribs
  • Vanilla Panna Cotta from Delmonico's
  • Thinly shaved dry-aged country ham (raw) over hot rice and sriracha. 
  • Corn Angliotti with shaved white truffles from Spago Beverly Hills
  • The sweet, buttery Lobster Roll from Hungry Cat with a side of their fries. Must be served with the Echo Park- Vodka muddled with mango, cucumber, mint and topped with Chili/lime salt. 
  • Pasta Carbonara-- the real deal, which means I have to make it at home: pancetta, pecorino, egg, lots of black pepper. 
  • My stuffed shells- mascarpone, ricotta, oregano, etc, etc,... TBG. 
  • Bread Pudding with Vanilla Creme Anglaise from the now defunct Sonora Cafe. 
  • Crispy Rock Shrimp with Hot Yuzu dip from Nobu Malibu
  • Hot, creamy, spicy crab served with sushi rice- another Nobu Malibu masterpiece. 
  • Artic Char with deep Fried Spinach from Nobu Malibu
  • Southern Style Shrimp over Cheese Grits. 
  • Locilog: Sweet Longanisa sausage with garlic fried rice and eggs over easy. 
  • Spinach and Cheese Boreg, made by Maria Topdjian. 
  • Manti, tiny little pasta purses filled with spicy meat, with tomato sauce and garlic yogurt
  • Chicken Barg from Shamshiri (Northridge, not Westwood) with lots of butter and sumac on my rice!!! And extra mint leaves on the side please. 
  • Spam Masubi
  • Pizzooki (chocolate chip) from BJ's Brewery. 
  • Pad see ewe
  • Amaebi sushi
  • Lobster Curry Fried rice from Red 7- buttery, curry, lobster lovin'
  • Soujouk sausage and scrambled eggs with pita bread
  • Turkey Miso Burger with avocado relish with French Fries from Umami Burger
  • Paksiw na Lechon with rice, but I like kind of dry and sticky. 
  • Igado with bell pepper and peas for sweetness- like my Nanay makes it. 
  • Peruvian Style Roasted Chicken with Black Beans & Rice and Fries from Pollo alla Brasa in K-town.    
  • Pork Katsu
  • Deep Fried pork with rice and beans with mojo, Cuban Style
  • German Potato Salad from that deli in Anaheim- Tangy and bacony!
  • Huevos con Hamon breakfast burrito with just rice, cilantro and onion from Tacos Corona- I know he scrambles the eggs in manteca. 
That's all I can think of now, but I'm sure I'll add more :)

Time to go prepare a paleo-zone lunch :)