Monday, April 19, 2010


That's my Nanay's name. She is who I believe the WOD Fran is named after. Francisca is a force to be reckoned with. She is short (like the wod) but packs a wallop. She has made grown men cry and submit to her steely glare. She is stoic and can be unmovable, at times.


My time: 12:42

This was my first time ("it's my first time" LOL!) so I didn't really have a goal or expectation. It felt pretty horrible. The thrusters were intense. I know that I could work on my explosion from the hip, and the full "pop" at the top. Also, next time I'll bring the bar down on soft knees, and go straight down into the squat instead of resting the bar at the shoulders; when you do that you halt any energy(momentum) you built if you're exploding correctly at the hip. In regards to the pullup, I was doing strict with band, which added to my time greatly. So my goal is to master the kipping pull up with band in the next 30 days, that alone will greatly shave seconds off of my time.
After I called time, I collapsed on my box to catch my bearings. My hands shook, and I could feel all the blood rushing to my extremities. My head was not on, it was all blurry and that outer-body feeling was so pervasive that I had slight vertigo. The box was very busy this evening, so I finished amid cheers of support. I love that about our core crew of people, they carry you along even when you think you can't.

Official PCF 1st day of the Paleo Challenge

2 scrambled eggs
1 polish sausage
6 oz of mixed fruit

1 tangerine

1 apple and hazelnut butter (my new love)

1/4 roasted chicken and 1 bunch of asparagus (seriously)

Romaine salad with balsamic vinegar
4oz. of turkey meatloaf
broccoli and cauliflower

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