Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't forget to introduce yourself!

For time:

50 Wall Ball (20/14)

10 Muscle Ups

40 Wall Ball

8 Muscle Ups

30 Wall Ball

6 Muscle Ups

20 Wall Ball

4 Muscle Ups

10 Wall Ball

2 Muscle Ups

My time: 16:38 w/ 8#s and instead of the muscle up, I did this movement where I did a ring row using the false grip into the active position prior to raising on the rings to support. That's the best way to describe the movement. I'm really happy with my time. Really happy. Out of the gate I did 18 wall balls in a row. And then I did 10 at time, then to 5 at time. The last 2 rounds I just kept throwing the ball until I felt gassed. 

The on-ramp class this evening was full of men. 9 new men. I met a few of them a couple of weeks ago at the Crossfit 101 class Zeb conducted that Saturday morning. It's good to see that they came back, even though a couple of them took ill that morning after their mini WOD-- Pukie! I stayed well into the hour to observe guys attempt the skills set before them.... I'm definitely a visual person. I enjoy watching the human form. It's simple, yet so gratifying. 


Roasted chicken

3 mushroom soup

Kale and sweet potato salad with bell pepper dressing



CPK Miso salad w/o the miso dressing- I made my own with rice vinegar, sesame oil and soy sauce- it totally worked. 

I'm beat. 

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