Monday, May 10, 2010

I don't have a title

Seven rounds for time of:

10 Handstand push-ups

10 Dumbell Squat cleans (45/30)

10 L-pull-ups

Scale: 45#-40#-30# Strict press, 20# DB, Strict PU with band with a 10sec hold on deadhang in chair position. Phew! Lot's of mods. 

So the first round, I was able to do 10 STRICT presses. 2nd round I was only able to get the bar up only 4 times before I just couldn't lift up at all, so I went down to 40#s. Did that for a round and a half and then the same thing happened, my arms just were done. So finally finished up the last 2 and half rounds at 30#s. 

The DB Squat cleans were the fuckin' worst. Like, really. I did 20#s in each hand...  and I don't need to waste my words on describing the suckiness of doing 70 DB squat cleans. And the bruises I got last Wednesday from the DB triplet WOD have been reinjured and are purple all over again--- YAY!

The strict pull ups were only tough because my arms were completely gassed and just wouldn't work anymore. The last 10 (of 70!!!) were ugly. I could only do one at a time then have to take a short break and really shake out my arms. From 10 down the 1, my pull ups go progressively uglier. Did the last one and had to go into a 10 sec deadhang in the chair position, with your knees perpendicular to your body, mimicking sitting in a chair. My abs feel great, btw. 

After Diso called time for me (cause I couldn't speak) I sat on my stack of weights and my face went numb. Seriously. I couldn't move my mouth. I could just breath. Even though i was sitting, I was slumped over. I stayed in that postion for a good 5 mins, and would have for longer, but Gretchen wanted to work out where I was. She moved me into a folding chair. 

Soon enough I collapsed on the floor, laid on my side and proceed to give into my growing drowsiness. I slipped easily into sleep. I could still hear what was going on in the Box... it was cool straddling the fine line between consciousness and unconsciousness. 

Woke up to G and Dawn killing the same wod that put my ass sleep. G with a busted ear at that!
I look up to both of them at PCF. G is just such an athlete, and she is sooo fricken' chill. 

In the end, I love this WOD for pushing me to the edge. Round 5 Diso asked how I was doing, and I got all whiney and cry baby like, saying, "I'm tired." Remember, the pinnacle of taking me to the edge is that feeling of crying during or after the WOD. And I felt that today. 

What did I eat today? 

Oo, I discovered a "greasy spoon" down on La Tijera called the Coffee Co. Had the yummiest mush-onion-bell pepper-ham omelette. I et it all. with fruit. I think I could put mush-onion-bell pepper-ham on anything and I would eat it. 

See, I killed it :D Yum 

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