Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back squat bliss

My time- 8:39

Loved today's WOD. I think I could have done more weight, but really wanted to work on my form, get really seated at the bottom, get the bar lower on my back. Also, my shoulders were really tight from the WOD yesterday, so 60#s felt good. I did the first 15 straight through. Racked the bar. Did 5 more. Rested. Did 7. Rested. Then knocked out the last 3. Jumped on the rower, and my legs gassed out at like 300 meters, so I felt my arms compensating with bigger pulls to keep pace which killed my lungs. I got a 2nd wind at about 800m mark, and finished strong. I got off the rower and my ass was burning somethin' crazy. My glutes are tingly as I type :)

Quite proud of the fact that my 500m pace was clocked at 2:35. My goal is to be below 2:30, which is big feat considering my height. I think when I started CF, I was above a 3min 500m, so I'm super pleased.

For the warm-up, I opted for the 800m jog. If you don't know, I hate running/jogging. Hate it. My head has all these voices that turn on when I jog: "Your lung is going to collapse" "This or that joint hurts" "My lower back" all this crazy shit that isn't really happening, but used to psyche me out. And it works. So I started my jog, knowing that during an 800 I usually stop 3 times; once at the back side of the brick building, then again at the middle of Suzy building, then in front of Suzy's building. I stopped once today- the side of Suzy's building. I did my hardest to ignore all the little feelings in my body and just looked up and kept a good pace. Acheiving these little goals may seem sooo minute, but in my mind I'm leaping huge buildings.

What a great day!

Sweet Assassin- Don't get too close.

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