Sunday, May 16, 2010

The agreement with myself

face value
1. Apparent significance or value

I need to be more conscience of taking the actions or words of those around me at face value. Inflation of those words or actions can lead to speculation, then disappointment. 

I think some would say that I hold an unrealistic ideal of how I think people should conduct themselves. Actually the ideals I have for the people I let into my life are the same ideals I have for myself. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. 

Crossfit has introduced me to so many different people. Some that I know that I will be my friends for my entire life time (pats, suze, the disos, even matty) and some that are just passing through. But even the acquaintances have a purpose of exposing something of myself to me that I may have not known... I believe each person comes into your life carrying a tiny mirror to show you a part of your character that comes out when you interact with these people. Currently, there are a few unsavory folks in my sphere that are teaching me a lot about me. My tolerance and patience are taken to the threshold with these people. It's very revealing... and refreshing. I'm trying to make it habit to not judge uncomfortable situations-- they just ARE. 

I must not loose focus on my purpose, which is to live a life of TRUE LOVE. To act in loving-kindness. Even with those who test my will. I cannot sweat the minutia of daily pettiness. As long as I conduct myself in a way that is in loving-kindness, I will never have to fear the outcome. I will have inner peace knowing I applied love at all times. 

I think Sunday night meditation is calling me back at Agape. I need to have more moments of self-removal.
Maybe I need to donate more time at Project Angel Food, it's been since before I joined Crossfit that I've been in the kitchen. As I've been caught up in my physical well-being, I think I've sidelined my spiritual growth. 

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