Thursday, May 20, 2010

Valley Crossfit and Sweet Assassin= BFFs

With a clock running for 20 minutes:

Run 800, then
3 Clean/Jerk (I cleaned only 65#s)
6 Pull ups (with band)
9 Push ups (knees)
At the end of the 20mins, run 800m

Your score is how many round you completed

My score: 5 rounds + 3 cleans

Soooo much to say... First, I loved this workout, even with all the running.  It was pretty crazy class with 24 peeps. We all warmed up collectively in the parking lot; 200m jog, skipping and DROM.

We paired up for the WOD. Janice was by herself with 35# bar and small kettlebell to do high-pulls instead of pull ups. I tried to do 65# clean and Jerk, but I couldn't get the bar over me. It is 2/3 my body weight. So Mike said to just clean the bar cause there were no more bumper plates for me to have my own bar. Mike told me to do a couple cleans to feel it out. I felt a lot of pressure. Now realize, that I just set that PR of 65# for my clean so the weight is somewhat new to me. I thought, I better do this, I don't want to look like a weak sauce in front of Mike :)

Well I did 2 right off, and my confidence shot through the roof and I felt good going into it. The 800m run wasn't bad at all.
During the WOD, after every clean I did I felt even more confident and strong. I felt good. My pull ups were nice, and I felt strong during my push ups.
The second 800m sucked. I hated it.

During the cool down, the first place woman at the CF Regionals walked into the gym and I got kind of excited, like a school girl. I'm such a goober.

I ate well today.

10 oz Chicken breast
4oz. broccoli/cauliflower
1 banana w/ 1Tbls of hazelnut butter

1 tangerine
Garlic Shrimp
5 jumbo purple asparagus

1 large orange

1 Sierre Nevada Torpedo IPA

Tomorrow is sooooo going to be rest day. Except that I look at the WOD and I really want to do it.

I'm fuckin' Crosffit crazy :D

I think Janice is seriously considering taking on Crossfit. I can see her coming up with all the objections... hopefully I've answered them satisfactorily.

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