Tuesday, May 18, 2010


"Tommy V"

21 Thrusters (115/ 80) I did 45#s

12 Rope Climbs I did rope lowers, starting from the ground

15 Thrusters

9 Rope Climbs

9 Thrusters

6 Rope Climbs

My time- 10:04

Felt really good about my thrusters. New guy from Oahu, Rich, gave me some pointers right before the WOD so I felt very conscious about my form, how to conserve energy and how to break it down into manageable pieces of work. I met Rich about a month ago at the first Crossfit 101. He ended up getting an apartment right next door, where Suze's lives. He's a little reminiscent of Jim, but not as creepy. 

This workout is a good precursor of Wednesday's Fran. I feel I've improved greatly on my pull ups and now that I know what works for me on getting through the thrusters, I'm starting to feel good about my Fran time improving. 

I've really been slacking on my monitoring what I eat.

Today I have turkey breast, brussel sprouts, rapini, mushrooms, onions, tangerine. 

Little fried fishy. 

Soon dubu with beef. 

1 boiled egg and 1 chicken sausage, orange, beets, rib eye.-- all at the Diso's pad. We chilled after hours and laughed about a bunch of shit. hahaha.

(Cheaters is on in the background. It is sooo entertaining. ahhh.)

Kale salad. 

I think that's it. 

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