Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emotional disobedience

Esthero, My Torture

Set myself on fire

Anything to turn your head
I won't deny this
I'm burning from the things you said
Now you got me running around
And all that I've found is
I can't afford him
All I got is spare change
'Cause he was my fortune
My torture

Had myself a lover
I liked him 'cause of all of the books that he read and
He was like no other boy that I had ever met before
And I loved all the things that he said
I wanted to heal him
I did not plan on staying as long
I didn't think I would need him
So how did he become my torture, torture

My torture, torture
Oh yeah
My, my, my

My torture
It's always the
Always the sweetest thing
My torture
Where do I go
What do I do with this heart

My torture
My, my torture

I want you to comfort me
I want you to stop disturbing my sleep
I really thought you were my king
I thought you were my king
I want it to stop hurting so bad
My king
So, my king, so bad
My king
My king, so bad
So, my king, so, so bad, my king
So bad, my king
My king
So bad, my king
My king
So bad, my king
So bad, my king
My king 

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