Monday, May 03, 2010

I love me some Snatch!

New England Sectional Event 1

Run 800 meters

30 Snatches (115/75) ( I did 45#s)

Run 800 meters (I rowed)

My time: 17:32

I feel really confident in my form with the snatch now. I'm definitely feeling it when I commit to get under the bar and get the weight over me with fully locked out arms. Like an Aha! moment. It gets tougher when you're tired as F**K. So I rowed. I'm glad. The last 150 meters on the 2nd round rowing I had Diso and Matty in my ear to go all out, and I was able to keep my pace at 2:32 till the end, which I think is a great feat. Called time and felt all the heat coming off of my face and body. I loved it :)

So much is going on inside of me. I'm think I'm on the brink of change. Change is a poor word. My views and opinions are slowly evolving... Evolution! That's it. Not a change. An evolution. 

I think I had a breakthrough regarding Charles and I's friendship. I think I was really real with him yesterday. I didn't edit my words or thoughts... I think we are true true friends. I told him that I'm enjoying being single, that I'm enjoying the rediscovery of being a living, breathing woman who's almost 30. My eyes are wide open... Finding out what chemistry and attraction means all over again; having confidence but not abusing it. All that "identity" shit that you work through in the decade of your 20s is worked out. How cliche, right? 

This may not make sense, but I think I'm going to grow up this year. My mom and I spoke at length about it and now is the time. 

See what I ate for breakfast below.
Snack- Tangerine
Lunch- Kale and beet salad. Tangerine.
Dinner- Seaweed Salad

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