Sunday, May 02, 2010


It has been the most beautiful day ever :) I was lucky that I got to spend it outdoors. Charles and I went to have lunch in Hermosa Beach for "old times sake." Driving by way of Vista del Mar through Manhattan Beach to Hermosa Pier made me miss my days in the South Bay. It's just more chill down there. I love and appreciate the stacked living. It always seems like the sky seems bluer when I'm down there. I vocalized that I wouldn't mind moving back down to the area; Charles immediately supported it. Now I have that being tossed out in my mind... I would hate to be farther than I am from Paradiso Crossfit. But then again, there are those like Hopper and Thomas who drive respectable distances to be part of our amazing box, what's an extra 8 miles for me... So Hermosa Beach/Manhattan Beach is being tossed around in my mind.

We went to a tapas place and had some amazing meat-a-licious things:

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