Tuesday, June 08, 2010

We're movin' on up! To the East side!

*Sidebar- In my adulthood, I have developed a very animalistic physical attraction to Bruce Lee. He is the ideal body type. Lean, cut, sinewy, not too big, but bulky in all the right places.*

Ingenius programming from Zeb on this rest day:

After the WOD yesterday that just completely demoralized me, I knew I had to bounce back today with all my heart. Not once, did I think, "I hate Wall-balls." I couldn't let poison enter my mind. Those are some high numbers; 60 wall balls to finish? 

After the warm up I loaded up my bar. I wanted to do 105, but it felt really heavy. So I backed down to 95#. Went into to the WOD feeling very competitive. I didn't have a time goal, but I knew I wanted to not bitch or moan or groan like I did yesterday. Just go hard and finish. 

I'm happy with my time, I'm happy with my pace of how I broke up the work.

4113 Redwood Avenue is Paradiso Crossfit's new home. It's providence that has brought the box to this moment. Growth was the facilitator but not the reason. The reason is something that hasn't happened yet. I truly believe that our box has a bigger purpose for existing and touching lives. As I run into the multiplying on-rampers that I don't know  by sight or name, I feel each one will contribute to the elevation of our box. I feel it. I believe it. 

(And I can't post the pictures I took. Phooey!) I guess I'll post from our grand opening WOD on July1. 

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