Saturday, June 05, 2010

Return of the Assassin

After 11 days of being away from the box, I was eagerly excited to get back into it. I saw the workout on the Nat'l site last night and already loved it. Pull ups and OH squats are 2 areas that I could always work on for improvement.

Arrived 2 minutes late to the 10AM class, and found that the very full On-ramp class was running long. All the rowers were occupied so I went for a run to warm up. I made sure to really warm up my shoulders as one of my concerns is range of motion and flexibility. I've only injured myself twice in 7 months and both times where my shoulder.

Since I had been cooking this week, which means long hours standing in one place, I had already made a mental note while in the kitchen that I knew I would have a tight back coming back into the box. I rolled on the foam roller to loosen up the tightness. I warmed up my OH Squats with a light bar. I wanted to to feel that money spot where the bar is perfectly above the center line of my body. I felt it and put more weight on to 35#s. My 1 rep max PR is 50#s, and WODs that were high reps, I would do 20#s-30#s. So combining the facts that  I had taken 11 days off and my back was acting like a bitch, I stuck with 35# for the workout, knowing that at this lighter weight I better be perfect with my form- getting deep and seated at the bottom and keeping active shoulders with arms locked out over the center of my body.

Right before Diso calls "3-2-1-GO!" I think, Fuck this is going to Suck! This is how I broke up the first set of 21: 11, break. 6, break. 4. I made a mental note that dumping the bar and having to clean it, push press it overhead took a lot of energy out of me... I had to change it up for the next set.

Going to the bar, I had the thicker blue band set up. Diso wanted use to go thicker if neccessary to satisfy the Chest to Bar requirement. I knew I wouldn't be able to do C2B with the thin red. I don't remember the set of 21 C2B pull ups. I guess I was in the zone.

Back to OH Squats. Knowing that getting the bar overhead used a lot of energy I did my best to go for as long as I could. I only dumped the bar once in the set of 15. Did 8 squats, dumped, then knocked out the last 7.

For the last set of 9 OH Squats, I did them straight- not stopping once. I really felt that at this point my hips were nice and warm and I can feel myself get really seated at the bottom. It felt good.

And my time:

I'm happy. I did some good work for a girl who's been out of commission for a bit. Afterwards I collapsed and went to into that lovely workout stupor that I'm addicted to :D

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