Saturday, June 19, 2010


I PR'd today. Holy shit. And they whole time I thought I was squatting my baseline.

Overhead Squat


Sweet. What a great surprise.

I then booked it to Crossfit South Bay where we were having our first ever"Box Jump" event. I had not eaten a thing for breakfast, and I was a bit hung over and very dehydrated. I stopped by the old Ralphs I use to shop at when I lived in the 'hood and stocked up on Paleo yummies, but noticed that it was already 10AM, so I only got to eat the banana. I circled the block for parking; when I came back onto Sepulveda I see a whole open curb... And lo behold I see Thomas on the side walk. I honk aggressively on my horn to hopefully scare the shit out of him, but he kept his cool. 

We walk up to the box and it is a huge mass of people. Forrest is explaining the team wod, which I completely miss, but find out it's a 5 person team with 5 stations:

Run 400m
Wall Ball
Pull ups
Kettle bell swings

AMRAP in 25 mins. 

You rotate stations once the runner comes back from completing the 400m. I don't have the stats of how many points we got, but it sure as hell kicked my ass. CFSB has 6# dynamax balls, which I use. I was able to hit 8 feet target with that weight- woo hoo! All the 13kg KBs were taken so I swung an 8kg. And I used a 1"red band for my pull ups. 

My teammates were myself, Sondra (strong girl!) and 3 mens from CF SB, whom all were very easy on the eyes :)

I had a great time! Everyone at CF SB was sooooo friendly and encouraging. I was dying up my second 400m run, which is up hill, and every SB member said something encouraging as they passed me. That's love, man. 

I can't wait till we do something like this again, or even host a box to come to our place.

I'd also like to mention that I'm very surprised that I performed well being that my body is wrecked from the 100m sprints yesterday. Which I'm not even going to post about because I had epic fail. Actually, it was locked up glutes, hammies and achilles all by round 5. I was screaming in pain on the floor. If you could imagine me sounding like a wounded animal having a multiple orgasm... that's how much pain I was in. 
So, I can barely walk right now. It should be interesting since I'm going out with the cougars this evening... hehehehe. 

Oh, Patrick came back to life. Yay! And I forgive him for making me worry. 

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  1. Nice work on the OH squats lady! I couldn't have got to two of my own PR's without your support. Maybe we could box jump down there on a random weeknight? I would love to check out CFSB!