Sunday, June 27, 2010

The month is drawing to a close

It's been an amazing, indulgent 35+ days. It all started with my trip to the East Coast... uh, rewind, it was the evening previous: Charles' going away party. And I've said yes to me all month. I've had some really good times with good people. I am so blessed.

Now it's time to cleanse the body; eat clean, cut back on the alcohol (not stop-just cut back!!!) and sleep at a decent time of the night with enough hours... Just reset my body.

Tonight I'm going to bottle rock with Dakota, then I have a last hooray dinner on Wednesday with some more lovers at Church and State. I will definitely not be holding back that night- last night in June- I will be partaking in everything that arrives to the table.

I've manage to put on 6 pounds of weight in a month. I'm a champ! It will all be off by mid next week. I'm going to be strict Paleo-zone and no alcohol. That shit will fall right off of me. I still have a crazy obsession about getting below 100 pounds. I have no idea why. I just want it. And when I want something, I go after it. I'm going to do it.

I have to be more diligent about tracking what I eat. I use to be sooo good at it.

To start the day:

3 eggs
1 bell pepper
1/2 avocado

I'll add more later tonight...


1 cup of Cherries
3 oz Onion tart
1/2 Grilled Cheese
4 oz Lamb cheeks

I didn't eat enough today. I feel lethargic and "weak."

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