Friday, June 18, 2010

From my BFF, Valley Crossfit Blog


SHUGYO: Japanese for “Polishing one’s Spirit”.   Describes the process of unifying mind, body and spirit.  It involves challenging oneself, and developing greater awareness and harmony.  Shugyo could be also understood as the process of purification through vigorous and focused physical practice.  It is breaking out of “our comfort zone” and reaching beyond our current limits, going beyond fear, anger or the need for social approval. It is challenging our own habits. The process of  “Shugyo” creates health, freedom, confidence and greater alliance with our “true self” and with the world around us. Let’s foster the attitude of exploration and openness.    
With honest and sincere effort we can grow together and help each other “polish our spirits”, allowing Aikido to transform our lives as we work on being better human beings. 

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