Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today was my first day back in the box after a 4 day whirlwind of celebrating my birthday of excess; excess food and libations.

I didn't really take into account how my recent activities would effect my stamina. Last night, G and I were talking about how much we despised wall balls and rowing, so seeing the WOD today I was irritated. I didn't dwell on it too much, and committed to making it to 10AM class. I arrive to find 7 or 8 strangers standing about staring at the ladies warming up. The 10AM class was a female showing: G, Dawn, Aims, Kara and myself. Oh, and Zeb. LOL! Hahahaha, I forgot. The strangers were the research and development team from New Balance Shoes. They flew in from Boston to sit in different gyms and workout formats. They chose PCF as their Crossfit gym to observe. Crazy, right?

The warm up was pretty intense and had me winded. Dawn and I were in the second heat. I opted for a sub on the muscle ups of 4 linked pull ups counted as one rep. You had to come off the bar after every 4 pull ups.  For every rep you do in 1 min. equated to 2 seconds off your total time.  I did 4 "reps."

Going into the next part of the WOD, I loaded up my bar to 55# (actually 53#) and found it very difficult. I remember the AMRAP ground to overhead WOD from a couple months back and found it very approachable, but today, every time I'd clean the  bar it would wind the hell out of me! Then to jerk it overhead.. it just took a lot of effort on my part. I had to dump the bar after each rep, and felt dizzy.

Onto the wall balls. What can I say? I made it a point to knock out as many as I could; sometimes it would be 12, sometimes it would be 5. It did feel good to do a long chain of wall balls in a row. The first round of rowing my felt good.

The 2nd round was horrible. I mean BAAAAD. I felt like shit. Death. During the wall balls. I felt like I was going to faint every time I took a break. I took what felt like 3 minutes to catch my breath and my bearings. I was afraid of fainting. I finished that round of walls balls completely concerned if I could even do another whole round after ROWInG! While I rowed pretty passively, I tossed around the idea of ending it, like not going into the final round.

I bit the bullet and decided to complete the WOD. Last round was tough. For ground to overhead, I cleaned the bar into a split jerk. David said my form was really good. That gave me a little energy.
Onto wall ball, I wanted to finish so bad, so I was determined to break it up in big chunks. 14-23-35-45-50. Diso was in my ear telling me not to think about the time, just relax and take big breaths. I must have looked like shit/death.

The last row was sloppy and slow. I kept my eyes closed for the whole thing. Zeb was right there with me, pushing along.

When time was called (for me) I collapsed on the floor.

 I stayed in that post work out euphoria for almost an hour. In that time, I experienced shooting pain in the back of my head, dizziness, muscle spasms and cramping of my quads. That's how much my body was pissed at my excessive drinking the past 4 days.

I'm back on the wagon. Ate a zone-balanced paleo breakfast and lunch.

It was fun while it lasted. I can't wait till my body is back in a clean state, cause I know that I don't like feeling like I'm going to faint during a WOD. That's motivation enough to eat right.

"Matty" kicked my ass.

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