Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Five rounds for time of:

15 pound barbell Overhead walking lunges, 50 feet (45# rx'd)

21 Burpees

My time: 17:38

Round 3 of burpees I felt a jolt of electricity in my left shoulder. I couldn't continue with the burpees, so David had me finish with the WOD doing jumping squats. Jumping squats really suck. I did 4 and had to take a break. 

I love lunges. My abs are killing me today because of the weight overhead. 

My shoulder is definitely acting funny. It's not the joint or the muscle. Zeb thinks it's a nerve. I feel a dull ache right by the back side of my armpit. I still can't define what movements bring pain so it's like a moving target. I should be icing it... I have an appt at Yosan for next Tuesday. The left shoulder has caused me problems before, 2 times before. And all 3 times I wasn't even doing anything crazy that would cause an obvious injury. The first time I believe it was in a overhead squat with the dowl(no weight!!!!); the second was doing a ring support (simple!!!) and then doing a burpee.  How disappointing. 

Let the healing begin. 

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