Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's all coming back to me now

It came true. What I put out in the universe almost a decade earlier: I finally had a savory seat mate on the plane. A man about my age, well dressed, of pleasing countenance, and fine manner-- Australian accent to boot! For once, it wasn't a morbidly obese, aged person with tuberculous lungs, and an overactive bladder. Or the other quality specimen embodied by a 6 year old boy with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,  and Tourette''s syndrome, his favorite word being anal... It was quite refreshing really; the plane ride felt very sophisticated and adult. I'm sure it will never happen again.

Shit I lost in my recent travels: my favorite hat, 1 diamond solitaire earring (I think I'm going to reset the diamond of the present earring into a pendant), 1 sterling silver hoop earring.  I know it's just stuff. And stuff is, well, stuff, but my hat, I loved.

A moment of silence for my hat. 

Charles has left LA.  I've written so much about him and us in the past, that I've actually have run out of words. And that's ok. 

Tara got married. To Thomas Carter. She is now "Terra Cotta." The wedding was so Tara. It was perfect. 

Dominique Dona Mazzara is simply exquisite. Every part of her tiny little body was crafted by God. I am grateful that I got to experience her at this age of 1 month. 

New York was doing her best to not let me leave her (again and again, and over and over...). I drove from Boston to Shirley, NY, about 275 miles without incident. On the morning of my flight to LA, about 100 yards from the JFK exit, a car pulls in front of me and abruptly stop. I don't. Stop. You get it. No one was hurt, I made my flight. But I can't help but think of all the other times I tried to leave NY and she fiercely tried to deny me exit. Or maybe it's just Southern State Pkwy/Belt Parkway.

The Universe has surprised me again. I think my detractors got their karma, and I, in turn, have been rewarded mine. I am grateful and humble. I think I need to stop doubting that I'm the power of my Universe. 

I really want to do 75 power snatches tomorrow. I'll be working well into the evening and it's game one of the Championship series between Lake-show and old rivals the Celtics. The Lakers win out over snatching. Lakers just win. There, I've set it free into the world.. and I'm sure it will come back to me, just like all the other intentions I've put out in the Universe. 

"Let's Go Lakers!" 

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