Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm a cold hearted snake, look into my eyes

I just hung up the phone. It was Charles. I answered the call with concern, "Is everything alright?"
He said no, and started to fall apart into sobs. I became worried. He hates it there. I let him cry. I felt a lump in my throat build, but not for what you think... I was stifling a laugh. As I felt the chuckle bubble up from my diaphragm, I thought, "I'm going to hell." It is soooo unlike me to react with such mercilessness. I'd like to think I have a vast capacity for empathy and compassion. My reaction was organic and real, and I couldn't predict that that was how I was going to react. Charles never heard me laugh. I said only soothing words. He hung up comforted, I believe. And that, is loving kindness.

Oh funny story: I spent the day cooking at Dreamworks. There are 2 student interns doing their mandatory internship to complete their culinary program. One of them being "Tom," whom I later find out is the Vice President of Dreamworks' life partner. Sizing him up, "Tom" seems competent; fast learner, takes direction well, and has a keen palate for seasoning. The team of us, execute a formal luncheon for 40ppl of tomato/mozz stack salad, surf and turf, and berry shortbread trifle.

The vegetarian option was manicotti. Chef John is Italian from Sicily and his renditions of italian classics are DA BOMB-seriously! So when service was over, I could not wait to dig into the left over manicotti. I take one huge bite of the firm crepe and was hit with an overwhelming tanginess and strong soapy flavor. I immediately turned to John, and asked "Why does this taste hispanic?"

John tries a bite. His eyes go big and his forward crinkles, "Tom, did you use salsa on the manicotti thinking it was marinara?" The whole kitchen just busts up laughing. We served this shit to 3 vegetarians in room of studio executives.

Ahhhhh, I guess you had to be there.

(Ugh, Charles just called, again, to say good night. I'm Fucked.  I should just stop answering his phone calls. I'm not sure if I have that level of indifference in me....)

Event number 2, was later in the day and it was just  hors d'oeuvres. On the menu was sliders and John let me pick the slider o' da day. So I picked Avocado, Bacon and Chipotle Mayo on Kobe Beef and Hawaiian Rolls. They were deliciousness. Let me show you:

My stress has been lifted. I can once again focus on the simple things that bring me joy, like Crossfit. I can't wait to get back to the box tomorrow. The workout looks awesome. More practice working on my pull ups. I know I made a goal of doing an unassisted pull up by my birthday which is in less than 10 days; I may have to extend my deadline. That will be an awesome day. 

I ate pretty clean today: turkey breast, quinoa salad, apple, more turkey, kale and beet salad, cherries... and a bahn mi sandwich- ya, not so clean. The bahn mi was sooooooo delicious and yummy. 

It's going to be a glorious weekend. Sunday, I'll get to "confront" my former employer and go toe to toe with them at the Taste of the Nation event. Ok, so we're not going toe to toe, but I'm trying to channel peace and harmony when having to see my saboteurs on Sunday. There is still a bite to the thought of my unjustified firing. I would say 80% of me is healed; that part is really happy I no longer work for that company, so I'm trying to bring those thoughts to the surface. I should keep focus on why I am present at the event, which is to promote my products within the foodservice industry. I am in the midst of setting up a credit account with them to distribute my products, so everything will be rectified. 

Off to dream land...

"Would you want to marry a wicked man?"

"Well, I wouldn't marry anyone who was really wicked, but I think I'd like it if he could be wicked and wouldn't."  

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