Friday, January 29, 2010


10 min. of Handstand Push-ups (modified on a box to floor)
5 min. of Squats
2 min. of Pull-ups (jumping pull-up)
1 min. of Push-ups

HSPU- 69
Squats- 89
Pull-ups- 21
Push-ups- 19

I liked this work out a lot. I want to do it again in couple of months and see how I've improved

10oz. Green Tea
1 really mini tangerine
4 turkey meat balls
3oz. Brown rice/daikon red seeds
Ice tea
16oz Jamaican Red Ale
2 Fried Cod filets (10oz.)
4oz. Grilled Squash
2oz. Grilled Carrots
10oz. 2% milk
3 mini tangerines

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