Tuesday, January 12, 2010


3 round for time (Modified to my scale):

50 meters Walking Lunge
50 meters Standing Broad-Jump
200 meter run

My time: 25:10

Talk about an endurance push. I knew/know coming into facing my fitness challenges that endurance (lack of...) is my biggest concern and issue to overcome. David says that doing WODs like today will slowly build up my endurance. I believe it. The first day I came into Paradiso Crossfit, I was very strained to run even 200m; to quote David, "Your lips would turn pale, white" after a short jog to the Crossfit sign and back.

Mind you, I still don't like to jog, but I'm no longer daunted by it. Yay!

1 decaf latte 8oz
1 sm. sweetened black ice tea 10oz
2 oz. cashews
1 sm apple
6 oz. turkey meatloaf
16oz unsweetened black ice tea
1 sm tangerine
6 oz proscuitto sandwich on ciabatta bread, blue cheese, and fig jam.
1 med tangerine
8oz. milk 2%
1 med avocado 6oz
1 tbs fish oil

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