Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I've decided to do a corresponding daily MOD (Meal Of the Day). After receiving an email from BodySpex, an online body metrics tracking system that I used when I was being trained by Micah in 2008, I decided to log onto the site. It still had my stats from my last weigh in June 2008.
[I just tried to log in right now and the site is down...Hmmm)
Anyway, my weight 1.5 years ago was 111.6 pounds and my body fat percentage was 26%.
Today I hover at about 115-117 pounds and my body fat percentage is 30.5%.

I couldn't deny it anymore. I remembered a few months ago when I was soooo upset that i couldn't fit in my slacks, that I had to buy a whole size up. I didn't think it was because I had gained weight,I just thought that my shape was changing with age. I also denied hearing my Nanay say "you've put on weight" when I sent her pictures of Charles and I in March.

Denial, Denial, Denial.

Now that I see an actual record of my weight it's staring me straight in the face that if I keep doing what I've been doing then I'm going to continue to gain weight.

So I'm going to apply the Paleo "Caveman" way of eating into my habits. Not as a fad diet or a quick fix just to revert back to my old habits, but as an entire lifestyle, life plan. There are guideline that will be followed but I'm not going to punish or criticize myself if I don't follow it to a T.

I've tried all the quickie crash diets... calorie restriction, no carbs, No meat, no fruit, just liquid... you name it I did. I bitched and moaned each time I tried on a new diet, feeling horrible, desperate--- beating myself up internal. When I didn't get the results I wanted I'd say, Fuck it, I like myself the way I am and not change a thing.

And that's how I got to today.

Today's MOD-

1tbs. Fish Oil
1 small apple
1 small Ice Tea, unsweetened
1 cup mixed fruit- cantaloupe, honeydew, blueberries, pineapple
1 bottle water
4oz Seared tuna over wakame seaweed salad with citrus-soy dressing
8oz lean pork loin chops
Half roasted small acorn squash
Water, water, water!

And so a new lifestyle begins.

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