Thursday, January 14, 2010

MOD 1/13/10

12oz. 2% milk
16oz. Unsweetened Black Ice Tea
3oz. Raisins
1oz Cashews
1 sm. Tangerine
4oz. Clam miso soup
1 small mixed green salad with soy-citrus dressing
8oz of chicken parmagianna, breast meat, no cheese.
1oz. sauteed spinach
1 small salad: romaine, chickpeas, italian dressing
8oz. pinot noir

Woke up sore from the WOD on Tuesday, mostly my I.T. band. My thighs are starting to be rock hard. There is still a layer of fat I could totally do without, but hopefully that will melt away soon enough.

The work out looks gnarly today. Check it out:

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