Saturday, January 30, 2010

WOD + 2 meals

Seven Rounds for time:

Power Snatch, 7 Reps
Snatch Balance, 7 reps
Overhead Squat, 7 reps

I used the 15# bar, and I did only 5 rounds.

My time was 19:27

I liked this a lot. I think I've got better in my power snatch, and my overhead squat is a lot deeper. I'm finally "finding my heels" at the bottom, and the bar is well behind my head. Yay! Improvement.

And the cherry on top to this WOD was that Charles came to work out at Paradiso with me!!! He got to do this workout and he did it in 23:10, all 7 rounds with 45# bar.

He said it was great workout. He also sees the community love that is Paradiso Crossfit.
He says my absolutely obsession with Crossfit is fueled by the true addict in me. I said in our post-workout lunch, "I don't feel like I worked out fully unless I feel like death." Most drug addicts think they can't have a good time until they are obliterated high/doped up. Crossfit is my drug. Ha!

3 eggs with onions and mascarpone cheese
1 med. Cara Cara orange
10oz green tea
1 nicoise salad
10oz milk
Ice tea.

I'm boozin' it up later so I'm glad I'm able to strict Paleo for the first half of the day.

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